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New incident pictures - Grass Fire 25/1/09 - Truck Fire 07/11/08 - Semi vs Golf Course 1/07/09

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Station on Medal Day

THE TAILEM BEND BRIGADE is a part of the South Australian Country Fire Service which has 16 000 volunteers in 430 stations throughout the state. Our main emergency response activities are fires and road crash rescue but we cover all emergency incidents in the area. The Brigade serves many functions in the community aside from emergency responses. The Brigade is active in prevention and community services. Members train fron 1400 hours every Sunday afternoon at the station which is located at 50 Railway Terrace. New recruits receive comprehensive training and may later train in specialised in areas. 


Currently the Brigade houses two multipurpose fire appliances. The "24P" is an Isuzu Dual Cab 4WDwith a 500 GPM pump and a past the pump foam proportioner.  This unit carries 4 breathing apparatus sets and a full set of  Lucas Road Crash Rescue Equipment.  The lead Rural Unit, "A24" is a single cab Hino built in 1990 at the Country Fire Authority Workshops in Victoria.  This appliance, which has served us faithfully is due for replacement soon. More pictures and information on past and present appliances can be found on the appliances page.

The Brigade carries out a varied workload. It can be called upon to stabilise and normalise any emergeny situation. Our day to day work involves bushfires, structural fires and road accidents. Our crews provide initial response in the immediate area and back up responses to surrounding areas. Members have travelled both across the state and interstate as part of "strike team" responses to large scale emergencies. More information and photographs of our workload can be found on the incidents page.

Truck FireGas LeakTrain 

TAILEM BEND is situated 107 kilometres South East of Adelaide and is on the banks of the River Murray. It has highway and rail links to the Eastern seaboard of Australia. Three major highways interstect at Tailem Bend.Tailem Bend

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