Tailem Bend CFS Brigade

 invite members of our community to contribute, learn and grow

We need your help


We all expect that if we need help we can make a call and it will come….

But if your house catches fire….if you are trapped in a road accident …..who comes when you make that call?


So what IS the CFS?
The CFS is the legislated body that deals with fires and other emergencies in country areas. It’s paid staff support and manage Brigades and volunteers to do this.

What kind of commitment is expected of volunteer members?
All our members have varying levels of time to commit to their volunteer duties. It is expected that family, work and other commitments would have priority. After an initial basic training course totalling approximately three days it is necessary to attend Brigade training regularly enough to keep skills current. Attendance at emergency incidents is based solely on when members are available. The more volunteers we have the less the load is on everyone!

What kinds of incidents do you attend?
Our community volunteer Brigade responds to any emergency that we have the resources to assist with. We not only deal with rural fires, we are equipped with breathing apparatus to combat structural, industrial and vehicle fires. We also carry a full complement of road accident rescue equipment to extricate entrapped persons in vehicle accidents. We also respond to flood, salvage, search and other emergencies.

I’m not sure about attending accidents; do I have to?
Many potential recruits express concern about attending motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately while vehicle accidents continue to keep us busy there are many roles for responding members to play that will ensure that you are kept well away from an accident scene.

What kinds of roles can members play?
There are many different ways in which members can contribute to the Brigade from firefighting, rescue operating, communications, administration, logistics, fundraising an probably some we haven’t even thought of yet!

What equipment is provided?
You will be issued the equipment necessary, such as protective pants and coat, gloves, helmet, boots and pager. This is for your personal use but remains the property of the Brigade.

What training is involved?
Once you are accepted as a new member you will complete a Basic Fire Fighting Course. This combined with regular Brigade training will give you the knowledge necessary to attend incidents under supervision. After some experience there are many, many specialised courses that you may complete as diverse as Road Crash Rescue, Leadership and Workplace Assessor.

What can I gain from joining?
Some of our members, past and present have gained self confidence, satisfaction, improved their employment prospects, received nationally recognised training, heavy vehicle drivers licences and created friendships and bonds across the state.

Do you travel away from the area?
From time to time the Brigade will respond resources and personnel to large fires some distances away, even on occasions interstate. Personnel involved must meet training and experience requirements.

How do I join?
The first step is to fill out an application form and police clearance request. The results of the police check are completely confidential and returned directly to the applicant. When you receive the results of your police check the Brigade can consider your membership at their next meeting.

Want to find out more?
We’d love to meet you and answer your questions in person. Call into the station in the main street opposite the police station from 7:30pm Thursdays or Sundays at 2pm and one of our members will be pleased to show you around.
Volunteering Information (SACFS Website)