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"Medicine is the study of the manifestations of disease, so that one might attempt to diagnose, attempt to treat, but always care for the patient" - TDK

This is an online collection of my lecture notes from the BHB and MBChB courses at the University of Auckland.  I'm told that they've been widely used over the last few years as an alternative to the increasingly pathetic lecture handouts we've become accustomed to - although please note that they are extremely dated (2001-2005) and I can't guarantee 100% accuracy (although any typos are usually fairly obvious).

Kudos to Tom Boswell and the MSG whose lecture notes preceded mine, and anyone else I may have inadvertently (or intentionally) plagiarized.  At this point in time, the notes will remain on this site until some clever monkey decides to release an update.  

Good luck!

Kevin Luong
February 2014 (added Dropbox and Dashlane referral links. Go on, you know you want to.)

PS - I use and recommend Dropbox for cloud storage, and Dashlane for password management (use this link for 6 months of free premium access).

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