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Flange Desire are:

Pygmy Furball – Raunchy Lead Guitar
Kev Krystal – Cheeky Rhythm Guitar
Gerry Starbanger – Pulsing Drums
Roger Wilco Goodpound – Pounding Bass

and featuring on Backing Vocals & Occasional Groovy Dance moves:

The Flangettes

Pot O’Gloss
Cherry Blue


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    The Band    
Pygmy Furball   Kev Krystal   Gerry Starbanger   Roger Wilco Goodpound
The Flangettes
    Pot O’Gloss   Cherry Blue    
Will The real Flange Desire please stand up!

So who was this sexy super hero, Flange Desire?

The super blonde, played by Sandra MacGregor was the creation of Graham Bond and Rory O'Donoghue and was thrust to fame in the infamous TV show of the 70s, Aunty Jack!

She's no ordinary super hero ...Long Live Flange!


After we saw the "Aunty Jack Show and Tell" we were so overcome with nostalgia and emotion we just had to start a Glam Rock band inspired by our namesake.

Let's hope Aunty Jack doesn't jump out of this computer and rip our bloody arms orf! So do yourself a favour, go get the Aunty Jack DVD and see our favourite Sexy Super Hero ...before she does!