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Learner centred Learning Analytics

A relatively new but increasingly active area of applied research for me centres around the field of Learning Analytics. I have a strong learner centred focus, which means that I spend a lot of my time trying to find ways to give data and analysis tools to students and their teachers, helping them to learn more about how they learn.

Learning Analytics beyond the LMS

One project that I am working on quite heavily involves the creation of tools for carrying out Learning Analytics beyond the LMS. Most of the innovative teachers that I know have ditched the LMS years ago.. they use social media, their own webpages, wordpress etc. to teach. But this then begs an important question: how are we going to support these teachers with Learning Analytics? The release of the xAPI provides a potential solution, and one of my funded projects involves developing a Connected Learning Analytics toolkit that provides analytics capabilities for those who want to teach like this.

More details on the dedicated page: CLA Toolkit

Classifying curriculum documentation using semantic technologies

Another project has started with one of my PhD students, Andrew Gibson. Together with Jill Willis, we wrote a conceptual paper that showed how it would be possible to map curriculum documentation to Bloom's taxonomy, and so learn about the themes inherent in those documents. If this mapping is done at a few different levels (say the course learning outcomes vs the assessment items) then it becomes possible to learn about the consistency of courses and curricula. Our concept paper used this to work out why the students in course that I was teaching into were so confused about what was expected of them :( This work has since been extended, with very sincere thanks to a set of Capstone Students who we supervised in semester 2, 2014. They developed a quick prototype and have released it on Github under a MIT license. We are now working to extend the capabilities of this tool more, and will be writing a more detailed paper about it shortly. For now, you can go and check out the source on Github here. More details can be found in the concept paper:

  1. Gibson, A., Kitto, K., Willis, J. (2014). A cognitive processing framework for learning analytics. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Learning Analytics And Knowledge (LAK '14). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 212-216.