Kirsty Kitto | Research

I model things.
These days it is mainly cognitive processes (learning, language, memory & attitudes), but I have also modelled biological processes, complex emergent behaviour and even the pregeometric Universe!

Most of the things that I am interested in modelling are contextual...

Learning Analyics (LA)

How do people learn? And how can we help them learn how to learn? LA uses data and analytics to help improve learning outcomes. The complexity and contextuality of learning makes it a great applied field for much of my earlier work.

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Lifelong Learning

People learn thoughout a lifetime. And yet our educational systems and technology do little to support this. My research in this space centres on data infrastructure, policy, data literacy, and interoperability. Its a complex real world problem!

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Attitude Change

How do the attitudes and opinons of the people in a society depend upon those of the people around them? This work attempts to incorporate the social context of a person into their attitude changes.

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Language & Memory

What is a bat? Is it a sporting implement? An animal? Something else? How does the context in which a word or sentence occurs affect the way we interpret it? This question has rammifications for both language and memory.

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Complex Systems

I am interested in those systems at what I call the high end of the complexity scale. These tend to be contextual, which means that our standard reductive approaches fail to model them correctly. I try to provide new models of this behaviour.

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Process Physics

I started my research career working on a pregeometric modelling of the spacetime phenomenology. We were trying to understand how things like space, time and matter could come to exist, without building them into physics as an assumption.

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Funded Projects

I have received funding for my research. This page gives some details...

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