the kombi

the kombi
My ex 1600 kalahari tan kombi
(bought new 10-Mar-1975, and sold old 1-Aug-1997)
with graffiti "HITLOR WAGON"
in Lipstick "Windsor Rose" possibly by Max Factor

Why is my kombi here?

It is here in cyberspace to have a parallel existance where it will never run out of petrol, break down or ever have a flat tyre, immortal, and rust free. Some of this cyber-carma does transfer to normal space, where it somehow feels safer driving a car aware of it's dual existance, up here and over there.
It will go forever, into the sunset, towards kombi heaven, and stay in top gear all the way......

Why is my kombi over there?

After 22 years, on the first of August, 1997 the Kombi was sold, well, traded in, on a family friendly Honda civic. It was either the new Tarago or the old Kombi or the very old 1954 (single tailpipe, heart shaped lenses, roller accelerator pedal) beetle that had to go, and the old bus pulled the short straw. So the VW connection is still there and I will add information about the beetle real soon, promise. The Kombi is alive and well and has been spotted driving around Adelaide!!!She's had a severe polishing though and looks very shiny, except for the GREY corner, but that's another story.
If you happen to see the old Kombi, email me with details, and I will add them to this list.

Why is Jerome's kombi here?

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