The Rover Project

 Rover 3500 SD1 Joe Cell conversion

Status as at 20 July 2006: stops when petrol runs out.

Fully reconditioned Rover mounted on steel frame. Carbies are Zenith 175 CD.
Petrol is gravity feed. Steel valves were replaced with stainless steel ones and a steel water pipe (for heater) inside intake manifold was replaced with aluminium one. Vacuum advance hose removed and ports blocked. All pollution control stuff removed.

Control panel on left has ignition switch, accelerator and switches for radiator fans. Dipstick removed and hole plugged with cork stopper.

Other side of control panel. Bosch coil is at bottom left.

Frame is sitting on wooden blocks with rubber in between.

Engine mount to frame, not insulated.

Back end engine mount to frame.

Chimney goes through fibreglass sheet in garage roof.

Bling plug connection on intake manifold.

Close up of blind plug connection. Central hole is for ss screw which fixes plug to the plate. Bolts are brass and there is a thin fibre gasket between aluminium plate and manifold show by blue arrow.

Blind plug fitting between carbies

Blind plug fitting can be unscrewed and swapped with shandy fitting. Small ports on carbies blocked with brass plugs shown by arrows.

Brett Kelly cell in position, well clear of any electrical stuff. Currently working on a Bill Williams design cell.

SS compression fitting (non magnetic). Rubber washer between fitting and plastic top.

Underside of lid. Lid slides over 4” case, no sealant or gasket used.

Plastic base of cell sealed with blue-tack.

Shandy mode connection. Plastic tube has a slight blue colouring to it.

Don’t know what this port does but it has a slight vacuum…I have blocked it off with a cork stopper.

Automatic chokes removed and all holes sealed with gasket and aluminium plate shown with arrow.

Temperature compensators removed and hole blocked with rubber stopper.

Petrol shut off valve. Fuel vent blocked with cloth (arrow) to allow breathing.

Rocker cover fumes returned to carbies shown by arrows.

Inside cell, stage 2 with tap water, ~2amps. Cell needed lots of polishing and about 10 lots of water to get to this stage. Got lots of dark brown scum on the first charge. Residual voltage after 12 hours is ~0.45V