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AC and 'Cobra' kit cars
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British AC sports car, usually a 6 cyl 
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What the original AC sports car looked like as made in the UK. Normally a 6 cylinder. The basic design is of a sports car, originally circa 1959, short wheelbase, seats roughly centred, and a big engine under a long front bonnet, either AC Ace, Bristol or Ford. The interior is basic, and the ride can be a little harsh but it is a true sports car. Note the relatively small windscreen, with both side 'flip' wind deflectors. Mag wheels are optional.

However the American (and Australian) markets wanted a faster (read more muscle) car, so out with the 6 cylinder engine, and with input from Carrol Shelby who circa 1962 put in with a nice powerful V8 (initially from a Fairlane), a 298 cu in. Now mostly fitted with Ford or GM engines, but being a kit car the engines varied, from a Ford 289 cu. in., or 350, or Chevy 351 or even a  427 as is an option with the Aussie Robnell car which is a replica.

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This is an Australian 'TKM Cobra' ["Turn Key Minus" (TKM) the latest evolution] fibreglass kit car with a Ford V8, built circa 2000 from shell up and is similar to a 'Shelby Cobra' car, a powerful V8, with flared guards, and even larger outboard exhaust.
This one has a Ford 302 cu in V8 EFI with 5 speed trans and the ever popular Ford 9 inch diff (narrowed to suit body) with all Ford independent suspension.  Body kit is 'DRB Sports Cars' designed for the home builder.
(DRB have also been involved in the Ford GT40 replica cars.) This car is locally owned and built from scratch, starting with a very bare fibreglass shell only. The owner loves to cruise around our rural district and visit other popular car owners in the country. There are a lot of fittings to add, as well as the interior and drive train.  A basic bare kit can start from around $30,000 and a 'turn key' car can cost from $90,000.

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This is the Australian built 'Robnell' Cobra kit version (left), built in Victoria, note again the flared guards, large outboard exhaust, and also a large bonnet air intake scoop. With chrome grille and bump bars and mags.  The car on the left has a huge 429 cu in V8 fitted, one of the larger V8's with awesome power and in this case is driven by the popular UK race driver Win Percy, although its a local Victorian car.  These cars are similar to what a 'Shelby Cobra' car, a V8 with flared guards, and larger outboard exhaust.  Note the bonnet scoop, chrome bump bars front and rear, with a chrome surround on the front scoop, and chrome splash guard on rear wheel arch, rollbars for safety.

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