Favourite Fords

Australian and American classics 60's, 70's etc.
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Ford Mustangs on display here in Adelaide, at Ford Days, or All American Days.


Mach 1 mustang coupe, 1971/2 [left], and  right a 1965 coupe on display, like new.
Mustang convertible 1973, beautifully restored inside and out, showroom class! 
This was to be the last convertible until 1983 in the later series Mustangs.]

Left,  gold 1970 Fastback (Twister [?] ) & Right; yellow 1970 Boss Mach 1 with other Mustangs.
All above cars on display at "All Ford Days", or "All American Days".
Left is 69,  note the number plate (His 69), but 'Hers' was not there that day, 
and  right this lovely 1971 Red Convertible 'stang was parked up the road last week, wow. 
Owned by a local driver, lucky guy eh.

All photos by myself.

Red Mustang 69 on show

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