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Australian classics 70's, and on to the 90's .
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 Some models were also designed for Australia's motor racing and did very well in the early 70's. 
There were many variations of these Ford Coupes [hardtops] from 1972 - 1978, with 3 model changes [XA, (72) XB (74), XC (78)] but the last Falcon 'GT' -  the Phase IV XB in 74, only a few were made.  Some prototypes of the XC 1976 model were made for a GT but never made it to production.
In the movie "Mad Max", a black modified XA Coupe was used.
For these Coupes - there were several special build variations including a 'Landau' top of the range luxury model 2 door coupe with leather upholstery and all electric options and minor body changes including a full grille obscuring the headlights, and the rear side window was smaller, some chrome on the panels, and a LTD badge on the bonnet.
Built from '73 - '76, see the red car below right.

By 1976 Ford Australia had built over 1 million cars here.  The standard 2 door was just a basic 6 cyl manual [250 cu. in. or 4.1 litre usually] and was optioned up from there. Lots of these still in original condition today and restored cars in all the model variations are very popular.

XA - 1972, to XB, 1974 Falcon Coupes
The 2 door Coupe/hardtops, 1972 - 1978, car on the left, lime green is a 1972 XA, a GT V8 (but more often were a 6 cyl 4.1 litre and 3 or 4 sp manual),  the XA was the first of these big coupes.
The car on the right is a 1974 XB and is also a GT,  (most Coupes were not GT's.)


Special John Goss Falcon 1974 model all optioned up.

    XB John Goss model (1976)
The 'John Goss' model was a limited run out of the XB model coupes, with white paint and dark green stripe, and came in many specs, from a 6 cyl, 3 speed manual to the V8's, [302 cu.in] in manual or auto with Sports options. Only 400 of these were made.
(John Goss was a popular race driver & won the Bathurst 1974 race in car similar to this one above, (an XA),  and Ford had a 1, 2 finish with another team car in 1977 with two XC coupes.

Three Landaus, 1973 - 76, car on the left normally the headlights are obscured by the grille and flipped up. This has leather interior and usually all the options.  Note the Landau bonnet emblem, and the vinyl roof. Wheels are after market.  Red car is a Landau 2 Door Coupe hardtop showing the typical extra chrome, the full grille, and quality wheels, Landau emblem on the bonnet, this one has brilliant paint job.  Note the different [smaller] side rear quarter window styling on the Landaus.

Two photos of the Targa Tasmania Rally, run annually in Tasmania; link from targa.org.au
another annual world class event, also run on the local sealed roads,
the white car is a Cobra.

Here are a couple of 1978 Ford Falcon Coupes on the Targa run in 1997;
These 2 photos are "Targa Tasmania photographs reproduced by permission of Octagon Worldwide".

Ford XB 1974 GT coupe[left] and,  right, XB Coupe owned by Aussie actor Eric Bana.

The Cobra Coupe was the finale of the big coupes, with unique white and big blue stripes was a limited run numbered (400) race model, (with about 35 as genuine race cars), the next best thing to a GT, with  4.9 litre 302 cu in V8 or opt. 5.8 litre 351 cu in V8 [as in the race cars], some were street cars too, stripped of race fittings, but lots of horsepower! Again, very popular today. The Cobra coupes were white with distinctive blue stripes, each car numbered.
Photos below of classic Ford Cobra V8 (302- or - 351 cu.in) Coupe, 1978, next best thing to a GT. 

Ford CobraCobrasFord Cobra
 XC 2 Door COBRA  V8 Coupe/Hardtop, (1978) - limited production run coupe at recent "All FORD day" 2001.

With the thirsty fuel demands of these heavy cars, and the drop off in sales, combined with the demands for a cleaner environment and less emissions the big heavy 2 door coupe was ceased in the late 70's.  Both 4 door and 2 door models were released as GT's, but only a limited few; that was to be the last Aussie Ford GT like production car until 1992...

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