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Daylilies, Hemerocallis, Daglelies or whatever name they are known by around the world, this beautiful flower stands on its own for beauty, ease of cultivation and the ability to grow in many extremes of climate.

Situated in the Lake Macquarie area of NSW, our daylily garden thrives is mild temperate coastal weather, with ample rain and sunshine. Each year we import the very latest cutting edge daylilies from the USA, as well as buying from Australian daylily hybridizers and introducing our own cultivars. We are a retired couple, who are passionate collectors and hybridizers of daylilies, which we have been growing over the past 17 years. Our four children grow daylilies as well and have a keen interest in what we grow and hybridize, which is just as well since space in our garden is very limited.

In 2005 our first daylilies were registered, we registered six more in 2007, four in 2008 and now four more in 2012.

We are members of the Australian Daylily Society, the American Hemerocallis Society, the Australian Daylily E-mail Robin, and the American Hemerocallis Society Robin.

Although we are not a commercial enterprise, we do sell surplus daylily plants. You may email us at if you are interested in knowing of the availability and price of anything on our site, except seedlings. We pride ourselves on selling only freshly dug divisions of excellent size. Because of space restrictions and our hunger for the latest, we don't have a long list of daylilies, but we feel that ours is the most modern daylily garden in Australia, having many varieties that are not yet available elsewhere in Australia.

We do hope that you enjoy this site.

Joan and Neville

Some of our daylilies in front of Lake Macquarie.  (digitally composited image)

Some of our daylilies in front of Lake Macquarie. (digitally composited image)

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