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denotes Australian cultivars.

Cultivar name Preview Height Bloom
ABALONE ANGEL 30 5.5 Ev ML Pastel peach pink, ornate golden ruffles.
ACROSS THE UNIVERSE 25 6.5 Ev EM Huge ivory blushed pink with deep looping ruffles.
AGELESS BEAUTY 28 5 Ev E Full ruffled pink, large red eye, wide red picotee edge.
ALASKAN MIST 36 6 Ev E re A very ornate overlapped pale pink daylily with a huge ruffled gold edge above a green throat. 6-way branching and 40-45 buds. Extremely long bloom season. Fertile both ways.
ALEXA KATHRYN 23 6.3 Ev EM re Large, cool lavender flowers that are trimmed with a heavily ruffled chartreuse edge; flower form is impeccable with wide overlapping petals.
ALEXANDER HAY 25 6 Ev EM Fawn and orange blend with a red plum eye and edge with plum veining, yellow/green throat.
ALLISON JANE 20 5 Ev EM Pale yellow base colour with a cranberry red eye and ruffled red edge, green throat.
ALL FIRED UP 28 6 Ev L Pretty orange sherbet, with a huge striking red eye and full red edge.
AMERICAN ORIGINAL 24 6 SEv E Frilled medium pink lavender, deep scalloped ruffled gold wire edge, green throat.
AMETHYST REFLECTIONS 28 5 SEv M re Lavender violet blend with a cream edge and a lime green throat. 3-way branching, 40 buds.
ANGELS OF HEAVEN New! 30 6 Ev M Full, round pale ivory bloom, pale grey blue eye etched in violet. Triple edged in violet, purple and gold. Strong rebloomer, extremely vigorous.
ANSWERING ANGELS 24 5.5 Ev EM re Alabaster cream with a plum eye and edge that is almost all eye and throat. The huge plum violet eye and large citron green throat completely dominate the face of the flower.
ANTIQUE NOUVEAU 24 5 Dor L re Medium purple with gold edge above a green throat. Did not go dormant here. Pod and pollen fertile. 4-way branching 38 buds.
APRIL LA QUINTA 30 7-8 SEv M re Huge clear pink bloom with a wide gold edge with tall well branched scapes. Heavy waxy substance. Easily fertile both ways, producing huge ornate kids. 30 buds. Fragrant. Fertile.
ASIAN FAIRY BLUEBIRD 28 5.5 SEv M re Truly a stunning and exotic flower with medium lavender petals and sepals, a huge navy blue eye and edge with a large gold outer edge 5-way branching, 35 buds, very fertile both ways. Spectacular kids.
AWABA AT SUNSET 19 5 Ev E Rich creamy apricot to ripe apricot shade, very wide pleated ruffles on flat broad slightly recurved petals. Very well branched. 30+ buds.
AWABA PINK JEWEL 26 5 Ev EM Vivid pink with a green throat blending to cream, surrounded by pretty delicate cream frilled and bubbly edge.
AWABA ROSE ELEGANCE 26 5.5 SEv M Deep rosy pink with a big green throat blending to yellow at the edges. Recurved with ruffles edged in gold on petals and sepals.
AWESOME BLOSSOM 28 5.5 SEv EM Dusty rose, wide black purple edge and eye.
BALLERINA BEAUTIFUL 26 5.5 Ev E A beautiful saturated pink with eye and edge of a deeper rose color and green throat.
BARBARA DITTMER 24 4 Ev E Coral orchid rose pink with gold edge and magenta rose eyezone above yellow to bright green throat.
BART ROBERTS 27 6.5 Ev EE re A very large orchid rose bloom with a huge velvety blue-red eye and darker edge. Very clear and vibrant colours. A tetra PEPPERMINT DELIGHT kid. 4-way branching 25 -28 buds. Fertile both ways.
BAT MASTERSON 28 5 Ev M Bright orange with ruby red eye.
BEAUTY OF THE KING 24 5.5 Ev M Royal lavender purple with a lighter lavender edge and eye.
BELLA NOTE New! 27 6 Ev M A rich dark royal purple self, rimmed with a lovely thick chartreuse green edging. 4-way branching, 25 buds. Low arching foliage. Fertile both ways.
BELLS AND WHISTLES 26 6 SEv EM re The large, heavy starchy blooms have a base colour of rose pink deepening towards the petal edges till it becomes rose red where it meets the heavily ruffled gold edge. The throat is deep green. Extremely rust resistant.
BETTER THAN EVER 29 5 SEv M Coral rose with a ruffled gold edge.
BETTY WARREN WOODS 24 4.5 Ev EM Cream yellow self, green throat.
BIG RED WAGON New! 27 6.5 Ev M Bright red with wide heavily ruffled gold edged petals. 7-way branching. 50-55 buds. Fertile both ways.
BILL NORRIS 29 5 SEv M Very ruffled golden yellow.
BILL ROBINSON 20-24 5 SEv M The stunning olive green throat extends out over beautiful sculpting in the petals. The 3˝"+ wide petals are heavily ruffled.
BLACK AMBROSIA 28 5 Ev ML Black purple self with green throat.
BLACK SHEEP New! 36 5.5 Ev EM Parchment with a huge black plum eye and fine black plum edge. 4-way branching, 20 buds. Extremely fertile.
BLACKJACK CHERRY 20 5 Ev M Red black with burgundy watermark, yellow green throat.
BLUE EDEN New! 30 6.5 SEv M Lavender with a soft blue violet eye edged purple. The broad picotee is surrounded by a third wide gold ruffle. 25 buds. Fertile both ways.
BLUE LAKE 30 6.5 Ev E re 1st blooms are mauve-lavender with blue-lavender eye and edge. Reblooms have a triple edge of purple, lavender and gold, with sepals becoming light lavender and the petals darkening to appear as a bitone. Fragrant.
BLUEBERRY DREAM New! 28 5.5 Ev E Light orchid based petals have a large “bulls eye” eye of dark blueberry purple, matching picotee with silver white knobs. 5 way branching, 30 buds. Easily fertile both ways. Fragrant.
BLUEGRASS MUSIC 28 4.5 SEv EM re A beautiful near white flower with a very unusually patterned blue eye and edge above a very green throat. 4-way branching, 26 buds. Fertile both ways.
BOB CHARMAN 30 5 Ev EM Black red with a cream shark's tooth edge and grass green throat. Fertile both ways. Reblooms. Prefers part shade. 3-way branching. 18 buds.
BODACIOUS BLUSH 28 6.5 Ev EM Cream, blushed pink with a large bubbly gold edge, excellent parent.
BOGONG JACK 24 6.5 Ev E re Unusual tawny peach with a stippled maroon eye that surrounds a startling green throat. Maroon picotee and outer greenish gold edge. Fertile. 5-way branching, 24 buds.
BONNIE HOLLEY 30 6 Ev ML re This large perfectly round flower has a one inch lavishly ruffled edge. The petals are wide and deeply sculpted, sometimes over one eighth inch deep. The colour is a blend of rich ripe melon peach.
BORN TO RUN 28 6 Ev M re A breakthrough in gold edged reds. Large, flat and bright with over square pansy shaped petals. Starts the season as a red self with a gold edge, later developing a light watermark above the citron green throat accentuating the "pansy like" pattern. 5-way branching, 30-35 buds. Fertile both ways.
BRAIDED EDGINGS 24 5.25 SEv EM This cultivar has a tightly pleated style of ruffling resembling a braid. Excellent substance. Long bloom period up to 3 months.
BRIDEY GREESON 26 5.5 SEv EM re Rosy mauve with a green throat and a beautiful bluish eye and edge surrounded by a citron outer edge. 26 buds 4-way branching. Fertile both ways. Fragrant.

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