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denotes Australian cultivars.

Cultivar name Preview Height Bloom
CACTUS JACK 32 5.5 Ev M re Very consistent double. Peach with a bold dark plum eye. Vigorous. Easily fertile both ways.
CAJUN CHRISTMAS 24 5.75 SEv EM Tangerine cream base, huge fire engine red eye and edge.
CALLING ALL ANGELS 21 4.5 Ev EM Dramatic huge cranberry red eye and edge on a peach background.
CAROL TODD 30 7 Ev EM re Pastel lavender blend with a pale purple eye and edge, surrounded by a gold edges, may have angel wings. Widely branched, fertile both ways.
CAROL TREGO 23 6 Ev E re This dramatic bloom has a pumpkin base colour surrounded by flamboyant ruffled, knobbly, broad, red and gold edges. The large, bright red eye contrasting with the bright green throat put the finishing touches to the startle factor. Excellent substance. Fertile.
CARROT CAKE New! 35 5.5 Ev EM Round, wide, segmented and absolutely self coloured intense carrot orange embossed bloom. 3- way branching, 20 buds. Fertile.
CAST YOUR NET 24 5-6 SEv M Creamy yellow with delicately patterned purple eye and picotee, soft pink sepals, yellow to green throat. Very fragrant. Fertile both ways.
CELESTIAL SHORE 30 6 Ev EM re Gorgeous rose-violet with a blue-lavender eye and double edges of blue-lavender and white. Vigorous. 4-way branching 30-35 buds. Easily fertile both ways.
CERULEAN WARBLER 28 5 SEv EM re A stunning classic bloom of blue lavender with a very round subtle eye of grays and blue and a crinkled and bubbly edge of diamond dusted silver, white and gold. 3-way branching, 15-20 buds, fertile both ways.
CHRISTMAS WISHES 26 4 Ev M Bright red, green throat, light ruffling, well branched.
CINDY’S EYE 30 6.5 SEv EM Cream with a big purple eye and edge.
CLASSIC EDGE 26 5.5 Ev EM Orchid pink, raspberry eye, double edges of raspberry and orchid pink.
CLASSIC ROMANCE 30 6 SEv M Bright rose pink, doubles late, many buds, long season.
CLOTHED IN GLORY 18 7 Ev M Lavender mauve, light yellow throat, a half to five eighths of an inch wide knobbly gold edge.
COURTNEY ANNE 18 3.5 Ev E Buttercup yellow with ruby red eye and edge.
CROWNED HEADS 22 36 Ev EM A big pinkish flower with a small, soft darker eye and huge double edge.
DAKAR 30 5.2 Ev M Sunfast black violet, grass green throat, heavy substance, superb form.
32 4.7 Ev EM Velvety black red/purple with a green throat. Top Y plus 5 -6 nicely spaced branches on the sturdy upright scape. 50 buds. Reblooms. Prefers part shade.
DAN MACK MITCHELL 28 6.5 Ev EM re Large flower, extraordinary clear colouring, violet base, blue eye with wide double edges of cream and blue. Early blooms reach 7”, but 6” to 6 ˝” is the norm with wide double edges of cream and blue. 30 buds. Fertile both ways.
DANCING WITH JULIE 27 5.75 Ev EM Pink-lavender with a darker eye, very green throat and elaborate edge.
DANNY STEVE MITCHELL 28 6 Ev EM re Bold deep amethyst with a mauve blue eye and large double edge. Holds well in very hot weather. Arching foliage never interferes with the flowers. Impeccable form with wonderful ruffling. Moderately fertile pods and easy pollen. 30 buds.
DARK PRINCE New! 26 5.5 Ev M Near black with a gold edge. 4-way branching, 30 buds. EMO. Easily fertile.
DAVID KIRCHHOFF 28 6 SEv M Medium lavender, heavy bold gold edge.
DEBARY CANARY 52 7.5 Ev EE re Unusual form crispate. Spider ratio 3.9:1. While no tetraploid spider can be said to be an easy pod parent compared with full formed daylilies, Stamile says that this is his easiest yellow to set pods on while being his best branched U/F. Fertile both ways. Early morning opener.9-way branching, 50 buds.
29 5.5 SEv EM re A fine, softly ruffled wisteria blue picotee edge frames a pale pink lavender rounded bloom. The big wisteria blue eye blends into the large green throat. The recurved sepals gently echo the main pattern. Fertile.
DEVONSHIRE DESIGN 29 6 SEv EM re Rose pink with a silver white toothy edge above a green throat.
DIZZY MISS LIZZY 32 6.5 Ev EM re Cascading unusual form bitone with pink petals and lavender sepals (wingspan 9 inches). Large dark pink chevron eye and a large green throat. Excellent branching. As clump grows, scapes grow taller producing 30 to 40 buds. Will occasionally produce a very showy poly bloom. Fertile both ways.
DOYLE PIERCE 24 5.5 SEv EM Unique mauve color is complimented by a large blue watermark and also a blue and yellow double edge.
DOUG WARNER 23 6.5 SEv M re The form is always voluptuous with big, wide, full, heavily ruffled ivory pink petals with a large violet purple eye and a very wide matching picotee surrounded by a gold edge. Green throat. 20 buds. Fertile both ways.
DRAGONFLY DREAMS 30 8 Ev M re 8 inch open formed creamy peach bloom with an interesting dark lavender patterned eye that is outlined in violet lavender around a yellow to green throat. The eye colour is carried to the petal edge and surrounded by small white shark's teeth. 3 to 4-way branching, 21 buds. Fertile both ways.
DULCIE MARIE 23 5 Ev EM Pale rose pink with a rose red eye and ruffled rose red edge, yellow green throat.

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