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denotes Australian cultivars.

Cultivar name Preview Height Bloom
EARLY EARLY TRUFFLE 22 6.5 Ev EE re ext 99% double. One of the first cultivars to bloom each season, and each bloom opens just after midnight, holding until dark the following evening. Pastel apricot with a wine purple eyezone and matching edges outlined in gold. Texture is smooth and diamond dusted and substance is very heavy. 3-way branching, 26 buds. Fertile both ways. This is an outstanding double.
ED BROWN 29 6 SEv EM Pale ice pink, heavily braided gold edge.
EDGE OF HEAVEN 28 6.5 SEv M Pale ivory cream, with some diamond dusting and pink overlay.
EDITH SLIGER 25 6 SEv EM Full, round, overlapped deep rose pink with deeper veining. Deep ruffled gold edge and heavy substance. Well branched and budded.
25 5 Ev EM Round full pastel pink blend with a large pink rouge eye and edge and bold green throat.
28 5.5 SEv EM Fragrant ivory cream/white self with a green cast and a bubbly green edge.
EURO-MAZING 29 9 SEv M re A 9 inch (12 inch wingspan) cascade unusual form. Violet-purple with a dark purple eye, lighter midribs and a chartreuse throat. 3-way branching, 20 buds. Vigorous. Fragrant. Fertile both ways.
EYES RIGHT JONES 29 6.5 Ev M re Showy base colour of medium peach with a large dark plum (violet purple) eye and an ornate double edge of dark plum and gold with a yellow to green throat. Wide petals are slightly pinched and recurved.
FANCY BORDER 30 5.5 Ev M re Alabaster with a very ruffled delicate orchid-lavender edge on petals and sepals. Beautiful foliage, excellent plant habit. 5-way branching 25 buds. Fertile both ways.
FANTASY FRINGE New! 34 5.8 Ev M This large eyed lavender based bloom is edged with white teeth that surround a raspberry and blueberry double edge. Fragrant.
FASHION POLICE 34 6.25 Ev M Eye/edge color is an unusual pale shade of mahogany red.
FIJI New! 28 7 Ev EM Huge apricot orange with deep looping ruffles and angel wings edged in gold. EMO. Fertile both ways.
FLAMENCO TART 26 5 Ev E Ruffled warm orange, wine halo and edge. Excellent branching and bud count.
FLORIDA SNOW ANGEL 26 5.5 SEv M The pink in this blushing bi-tone is complimented by the olive green throat and gold edge, 4- way branching with 25-30 buds.
FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN 28 5.5 Dor EM Pink with gold teeth.
FOREVER RED 25 5.5 Ev M Cherry red, green throat, up to 5 way branching, wide ruffles.
FOX HUNTER 32 5 Ev EM re Orange spice with a bold red eye and edge. 3-way branching, 20 buds. Fertile both ways.
FRANCOIS VERHAERT 24 5.5 Ev EM Orchid with a black plum violet eye and edge, chartreuse throat. Sepals show eye pattern. Eye and edge almost join, showing only small triangular dollop of orchid. White wire edges.
FRANK'S ADORABLE CANDY 28 6 SEv ? re Soft pink with a large deep rose eye and wide ruffled rose edge that is surrounded by another wide yellow edge. 5-way branching. Fertile both ways.
FRANK'S STAR OF BETHLEHEM 26 5.5 SEv E re Beautiful saturated orchid with a pleasing watermark surrounded by a brilliant golden edge. A real show stopper! 4-way branching. 28 buds, fertile both ways.
FREEBIRD 26 6.5 SEv E re Medium lavender petals, light lavender sepals with a huge light blue-purple eye and edge. A gold braid is on the outer edge. 3-way branching with 15 buds with constant rebloom scapes and extended bloom season. Easily fertile both ways.
GARY COLBY 26 8 SEv M re Huge rose pink bloom with enormous voluptuous ruffles. Green throat .Fragrant. Fertile both ways.
GAVIN PETIT 27 6.5 SEv M re Tangerine to pumpkin orange flowers with a green throat and a uge black eye and matching black picotee edge. On rebloom, the black edge can be much wider.
GENIE IN A BOTTLE 32 9 Ev M re The 10.25 inch wingspan light creamy yellow blooms have a lighter midrib and a green throat. Slight ruffling on both petals and sepals adds to their overall beauty. 3-way branching 18 buds. Pods difficult, pollen easy.
GET JIGGY 37 5.75 Dor EM re Pink with a complex rose violet eye that breaks into different patterns with every bloom, showing up to 9 bands of alternating colour that sometimes take on metallic characteristics. Eye patterns are unaffected by temperature. Did not go dormant here. 6-way branching 35-40 buds. Fertile both ways.
GINNY MITCHELL 26 6 Ev E Mauve- lavender with bluish eye and edge, and outer gold edge.
GOLDENZELLE 32 5 SEv M re Intense golden yellow with a beautiful deep cordovan coloured chevron shaped eye that extends out over three quarters of the sepals and petals. The petals have an even darker edge complimenting the colour of the eye. 4-way branching, 24 buds. Fertile both ways.
GOOD OLD BOY 28 5.5 SEv M Gold, rounded, black purple eye, lighter edge on petals.
GRANDE MASQUE 23 5.75 SEv EM re Cream base colour with bold violet black eye and wide matching ruffled edge which blend into the cream base. 4-way branching, 20 buds.
GRANNY SMITH 16 5.5 to 6 SEv M re A very clean cream to near white flower with a distinctive bold green edge. Even though the scape is shorter than average, the flowers set beautifully above the low arching blue-green foliage. Proven to be an excellent parent producing the highly sort after green edges in its progeny. 3-way branching 25 buds.
GREAT WHITE 28 6.2 Ev EM Large ivory cream white, wide, full and flat with gold edges deeply ruffled and gathered.
GREEN MYSTIQUE 27 5.5 Ev EM Pinkish cream with green wash extravagantly ruffled edges often has inlaid ruffling on the surface of petals.
HALLOWEEN TRICK 26 5.5 SEv EM re A bright yellow gold flower with a very sharp dark eye of red plum and a heavy red plum edge.
HANNAH LILLIAN ? 5 Ev ? Petals are a soft creamy lemon, with a rose lavender eye and a 1/2" lavender edge surrounded by a 1/4 inch gold edge, stunning.
HELENA SEABIRD 24 6 Ev EM Pale pastel cream self, green throat. We think this cultivar is something special, with excellent substance and an edge that varies from good to amazing. Top parent.
HIDDEN MASQUERADE 26 6 Ev E re White with a bold grape purple eye and a bubbly edge above a small green throat.
HOME AMONGST THE GUM TREES 26 6 Ev EM re Apricot with a rose eye that outlines the large green throat. Picotee is rose surrounded by gold. 7-way branching, 36 buds.
HOW BEAUTIFUL HEAVEN MUST BE 24 5.75 Ev M re Heavily ruffled circular melon pink blend above a green throat. Extremely fertile both ways, passing attributes to seedlings.
I COME FROM A LAND DOWN UNDER 22 4.5 Dor E re Powder pink flower with a glowing coral rose eye that surrounds a large grass green throat. Rose picotee. Fertile both ways. 5-way branching 25 buds.
ICING ON THE CAKE 30 5.5 SEv EM Pale pink with heavy looping gold edges.
JAMAICAN RAINBOWS New! 27 6.5 SEv EM Beautiful wide salmon pink petals and sepals with small rouge eye with cuts, folds and angel wings. A darker edge shows later. 4-way branching 20 buds.
JANE TRIMMER 25 6 Ev EM Pale lavender, black purple eye and edge.
JEANNE DEAVER'S DREAM New! 28 6.5 Ev M Large Circular dark purple bloom set off by a chalky watermark and cream to gold edge. 5-way branching 32 buds.
JENNIFER TRIMMER 30 6.25 Ev EM re An outstanding, very large, tall, clear lavender purple bloom set off by a wide gold edge. 3-way branching, 28 buds, fragrant. Fertile both ways.
JERRY PATE WILLIAMS 25 6 Ev EM Double. Intense peach, melon and pink overtones, ruffled.
JOHN PEAT 22 6 SEv M Rich burgundy, lighter watermark, colour softens later in season, huge 1/2 gold edge, green throat, 40 buds, constant rebloom.
JOY CHARMAN MEMORIAL 36 8 SEv EM re U/F with some pinching and cascading. The petals and sepals are pale lavender pink, with an enormous green throat surrounded by an even larger lavender- purple eye zone.
JUDY FARQUHAR 34 7.5 Ev M Peach pink early, slowly mutating to spun sugar pink.1 - 1" angel wings.
JULIE BANKS 25 5 Ev EM Ivory cream with a bright red eye and 1/2" ruffled red edge. Green throat.
JUNE REID MEMORIAL 24 6 SEv EM re Wide (up to 1 inch), showy burgundy and gold edges frame this outstanding bloom while the big burgundy eye overlaying the custard cream base colour finishes it off. Green throat. Strong substance. Fertile.

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