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Cultivar name Preview Height Bloom
KELLI LOUISE 30 4.5 Ev E Pastel fawn pink, striking rose red eye and matching bold picotee edge, contrasting lime green throat.
34 6 Ev EM Green throat graduates to cream then blends to a faint rose eyezone. Creamy pink midribs blend with light rose pink in the middle of the petals to a darker rose lavender border outlined with lavender and wide gold ruffled edges.
KINGS POINT 28 5.75 SEv M Consistent double. Round full-formed coral rose blend. 50 bud count.
LACY BORDER 33 6 Ev E re Cream self with a wide voluptuous green gold ruffle that goes right to the centre of the flower. It always opens flat early in the morning. Excellent plant balance and habit. 5-way branching with 35+buds .Fertile both ways.
LADY BETTY FRETZ 26 6 SEv M Clear light ivory to white petal self sets off the bold red eye and picotee and a heavy gold edge.
LARRY GRACE 26 6.5 SEv EM Extremely ruffled deep piecrust gold edge. Bright lemon yellow - gorgeous!
LARRY'S OBSESSION 32 5.5 SEv M re A dark black purple with an edge which varies from a popcorn edge to a striking white edge during the season, often with both.
LAUGH AT ME 26 8 SEv EM re UFO - Crispate pinched, wood violet, gold toothey edge, greenish yellow throat that goes all the way out of the sepals which curl back.
28 5.75 SEv EM re This outstanding bloom is round, ruffled and lightly sculpted tangerine with a huge deep raspberry eye with a wide raspberry ruffled border. 3-way branching, 20 buds. Fertile both ways.
26 7 SEv EM Deep gold with a gigantic fiery red eye that covers 3/4 of the flower with a wide deep red ruffled border - a showstopper!
LEDGEWOOD'S SUNDAY DESSERT 25 5.25 SEv EM re A very showy vanilla cream daylily with a large light raspberry eye that almost covers the whole flower and half inch light raspberry ruffled edges outlined in glittering gold.
LEDGEWOOD'S TONY LIKES IT 25 5.25 SEv EM re n eye catching golden yellow flower with a large deep dark burgundy eye and ¾" ruffled burgundy edge outlined in gold above a green throat. A very vigorous grower with heavy substance, it is pod and pollen fertile.
LEE PICKLES 28 5.5 SEv EM Creamy ivory with a soft bright rose eye and double edge of rose and white gold.
LEVI DAVIS 28 6.5 Ev M re Lavender pink with a lavender eye and edge above a green throat.
LICORICE CANDY 24 4 Ev E Cream with violet black eye and matching wide edge.
LIES AND LIPSTICK 25 5.5 SEv EM Soft pink base colour and green throat compliments the bold cherry-red eye and wide picotee and delicate, bubbly gold edge, flowers are full, flat, and round.
LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE 24 5 SEv EM Soft yellow with a lovely red eye and picotee.
LORI GOLDSTON 25 6.5 Ev EM Coral rose, full form, heavily ruffled gold edge, waxlike texture.
MADELINE MACARTNEY 28 6 SEv E Orange base colour with darker spiced orange eye and edge.
MADIBA MAGIC 25 5.5 SEv EM re Beautifully formed bluish pink flowers with wide petals that never catch despite elaborate ruffling. Outstanding plant habits, plant balance, and foliage. Easily fertile both ways, 5-way branching, 25-30 buds.
MAGIC AMETHYST 27 5.5 Dor EM Flat amethyst lavender with gold edges, ruffled.
MALAYSIAN MARKET PLACE 26 6 SEv EM re A bold bitone of bright intense rose red with pale cream sepals that have a light pink tint to them.
MARDI GRAS BALL 23 6 SEv M Orchid lavender to rose, dark burgundy eye, heavy gold edge.
MARK ALAN PERRY New! 34 5 Ev EM Deep garnet red with a small green throat and a tiny white edge. 4-way branching, 22 buds.
MERLOT New! 28 6 Ev EM Purple with a very thick green gold ruffled edge, green throat. 5-way branching, 35 buds. Fertile both ways.
MEXICAN ELVIS New! 27 6 Ev M Pale orange base colour with a deep red eye surrounded by wide red edge. 6-way branching, 20 buds. Fertile both ways.
MISSISSIPPI MEMORIES 31 7.5 Ev EM Huge, flat, heavy gold edged cream with nuances of both pink and chartreuse.
MOONLIGHT RHAPSODY 29 5.5 SEv M A very round ruffled delicate pink flower with a bold gold edge that can reach up to 1/4 inch.
MORNING BREAKS ETERNAL 26 7 Ev M Petals and sepals are basically rose purple blending to soft lavender and yellow edges.
MORT MORSS 27 6 SEv M Intense purple with a white shark's tooth edge on petals and sepals.
MOUNTAIN WILDFLOWER 28 5.5 Dor M re Beautiful clear orchid flowers with plum violet eye and wide border inside a gold ruffled edge and a grass green throat. 7-way branching, 45 to 50 buds. Fertile both ways. Did not go dormant in my garden (coastal NSW).
MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY 37 7.5 Ev EM re Unusual form. Red bloom with a wide cream to pink edge. Long bloom season. 5-way branching, 31-35 buds. Very fertile both ways. Tetraploid.
"My Snow Angel" This cultivar has been registered with the AHS as "FLORIDA SNOW ANGEL".
Click here to go to the FLORIDA SNOW ANGEL page.
MYSTERIOUS EYES 28 6 Ev EE Multi-coloured eye rings of charcoal, lilac, fuchsia and mauve on a base colour of cream with pink highlights and a green throat.

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