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denotes Australian cultivars.

Cultivar name Preview Height Bloom
NATALIE ANTOINETTE 27 7 Ev M re Large gold edged ruffled pink blooms that can reach 8 inches in diameter with petals 4.75 inches in width. Flowers are flat with extraordinary substance for such large blooms. A very strong plant, with excellent plant habit and balance. 4-way branching, 35-40 buds. Fertile both ways. Very fragrant.
NIGHT EMBERS 30 5 SEv EM Double. Dark red with white edges.
OH SO AWESOME 26 6 SEv M re A beautiful coral rose flower with a large gold edge. Form is very full and recurved, with a pleating in the petal centre. Small lime green throat. Lightly textured substance holds well. Well branched, multiple blooms. Fertile.
ORANGE CITY 29 4.75 Ev EM re Bold orange with a huge crimson eye.
PARROT JUNGLE 26 5.25 Ev EM Clean dark pink base colour, edged in red, parrot coloured green throat is huge, and is surrounded by a stunning cherry red eye, full round form.
PARROTS OF THE CARIBBEAN New! 30 5.3 Ev E Red eyed gold, bordered by a wide fancy red edge that is outlined in gold. 4-way branching, 18 buds. Fertile.
PASSION AND STYLE 29 7 SEv M re Large, round, heavily ruffled flower with an eye and edge of purple on a lavender rose base colour and an orange gold edge. The blooms are beautifully formed with very wide round petals surrounding a deep green throat. 20 buds.
PEPPERMINT DELIGHT 24 6 Ev EE Amber with an enormous blood red and a large startling green throat.
PERCIVILE JAMES 24 5.5 Ev EM Soft fawn, light lavender flush, purple veining, dark plum eye, 1/4" picotee edge. Super parent.
PINEAPPLE MOON 31 5.5 Ev EM re Electric pineapple orange circular blooms with short round sepals and superb extravagantly ruffled petals Fertile both ways.
PINK EMBROIDERY 24 6 SEv EM Cupcake icing pink double.
PISTACHIO EYES 30 5.75 Ev E re Early blooms are a hot coral blue rose pink with a deep pistachio green throat. Later blooms are more blue pink with a deep green throat and wonderful substance. Very ruffled, with wide petals and sepals. 5-way branching. 35-40 buds. EMO. Fertile both ways.First class parent.
PRECIOUS CANDY 30 5 Ev E re Lavender with a large blue lavender eye and edge bordered in gold.
PRICELESS 28 7 SEv ? re This beautiful rose pink flower possesses exceptionally clean colour with a large 1 inch to 1.5 inch ruffled gold edge. A proven outstanding breeder, imparting its clarity of colour, large size and extremely wide ruffled gold edge on to pastel, purple and red progeny. 5-way branching, 30 buds. Fertile both ways.
PRICKLED PETALS 24 5 Ev ML Seashell pink with smokey grape eye and spiky edge, above light green throat.
PRINCESS DIANA 30 5.5 SEv M re Superb baby-ribbon pink bloom with a brilliant green throat and large bubbly creamy-yellow edge. One of the clearest pink daylilies to be introduced. Robust, easy to grow. 5-way branching, 36 buds. Fertile both ways.
PURE AND SIMPLE 26 5.5 SEv EM Glowing, intense orange-sherbet. Full, overlapped gold edged wide petals. Well branched, holds well in sun.
PURPLE PETTICOATS 30 5.5 Ev E The base color is a blend of grape, deep purple and lavender with large ruffles and white angel wings.
PURPLE RIOT 26 5.8 Ev M Showy purple, excellent branching, high bud count.
QUEEN'S CIRCLE 26 5 Ev EM Rich red violet with a dark blackish eye and double black and white to silver metallic edge.
QUEST FOR ATLANTIS 20 6 Ev ML re Complex blend of melon pink and hints of coral, with a deeper eyezone and white midribs, diamond dusted.
RACING THE MOON New! 30 5.8 SEv E A light cream flower with a rich lavender eye and large appliqué throat. Lavender with silver knobby edges. 5-way branching, 32 buds. Fertile.
RAINBOW FROST 28 5.5 Ev EM re A delicate, subtle, intensely ruffled bloom, reminiscent of a frosted rainbow on a winter's day. It has the palest of eyes and a double edge. 25 buds.
RED BALLS OF FIRE New! 32 5.5 Ev EM Red, tightly ruffled round petals with a gold bubbly edge that becomes long golden teardrops on rebloom. Fertile. 4 way branching, 30 buds. Fragrant.
RED EYED SHOCKER 35 6 Ev EM 6-way branching on a tall scape, this is sensational in the garden - Is it red with orange tips or is it orange with a red eye?
RHODOLITE PRISM 29 5.5 Ev EM Pale pink with triangular rose eye, triangular green throat, ruffled edges.
RIBBONS AND THINGS 29 6 Ev EM Gold edged baby ribbon pink sometimes showing heavy sculpting or crested doubling, 40-45 buds on 6-way branching.
ROBERT CHARLES 26 6.5 Ev EM Ruffled and ruched gold self. 40 buds. 4-way branching.
ROBERT W. GRENKOWITZ New! 27 7 SEv M Massive, bright, boldly coloured saturated orange blooms with gold highlights and extreme ruffling. Fertile both ways.
ROSE COLORED GLASSES 28 7 SEv ? re A very distinct deep rose ruffled edge surrounds the lighter pink petals on this daylily, making it a very desirable parent for those breeding for edges without eyes. The sepals and petals have a beautiful translucent quality that makes the flowers glow. 4-way branching. Fertile both ways.
ROSE HELENA 26 6 Ev EM Mid pink, raspberry veining, green throat, floriferous.
ROSEATE STAINED GLASS New! 30 5.5 Ev EM Double cream and rose edges match the eye. The appliqued throat extends to the sepals. 4-way branching, 28 buds. Fertile.
ROSES IN SNOW 24 5.2 SEv EM Blood red, emerald throat, 1/3" wide ivory border.
ROSY RHINO 28 6.5 SEv M re Bright rose self with a green throat.
RUBY RIDGE New! 30 6.5 Ev EM Bright clear true ruby red, green throat. Wide, very ruffled petals with a strong white edging and little white teeth. 5 way branching, 30 buds. Fertile.
RUFFLES HAVE RIPPLES New! 31 6 SEv M Lavender with a violet patterned eye. Large green throat. Wide violet picotee and a bubbly gold edge with teeth and hooks. Fertile with 20 buds.
RUSSIAN TEMPLE 26 5.5 SEv M re Tangerine to lemon orange base colour surrounding a green throat. The midribs stretch the shape of the bright mascara edged orange-red eye to points that resemble the peaks of a Russian temple. Triple edge. 25 buds.

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