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denotes Australian cultivars.

Cultivar name Preview Height Bloom
SAILING AT DAWN 26 6 SEv M re Rich plum coloured flowers with a large grape violet eye and matching wide picotee and a very ruffled bubbly gold to white edge surrounding a green throat. 5-way branching, 45 buds. Fertile both ways.
SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER 29 4.6 Ev EM re Stunning bold dark red with a black red eye above a green throat. Round and ruffled. Multiple branching, 25 buds. Very vigorous. Fertile.
SCARECROW 39 9 Ev EE re Rich red-violet with large, outfacing blooms that dance and curl, and like many spiders never show quite the same face twice. Here it will quill and curl, and there it will twist and curl. 6-way branching, 25-30 buds. Fertile both ways.
SCARLET LACE 27 4.5 Ev EM Very flat bloom, scarlet with lacy braided white gold edges on the petals, and yellow/pink sepals. Edged in red and white. Green throat.
SCREEN PATTERN 26 5.5 Ev E re This is one of Stamile's largest "butterflies". Continual rebloomer showing an amazing eye pattern with a myriad of colours.
SEAGULL'S HEAVEN 34 6 SEv M re A beautiful saturated purple flower with a large silver watermark and silver edge. Out of I REMEMBER YOU X BELLA SERRA; this is an improvement on two outstanding parents. 5-way branching, 29 buds. Fertile both ways.
SEDONA 25 7 Ev M Beige peach, clay eye and border surrounded by a yellow bubbly edge and yellow throat.
SENSE OF WONDER 24 5.5 Ev E Base color is a clean almond pink surrounded by a large bold rouge red eye and edge.
SERENITY COVE New! 29 7 SEv M Pale lavender with a large ruffled gold edge above a green throat. 4-way branching, 30 buds.
SHAMROCK BLUSH 22 5 Ev E re Starts off pink with a green gold edge, and through summer heat the blooms turn to almost completely yellow green.
SHELTER COVE 30 5 SEv EM Cream yellow blend with deeper gold showing up in the sculpting of the petals and edges.
SOLAR MAX 28 6.8 Ev E Circular yellow flower, large pale plum eye.
SONOMA 25 5.5 Ev EM Deep rose colored blooms are held just above the leaves on very well branched scapes, rebloom often double.
SPACECOAST CHERRIES AND CREAM 24 5.5 SEv EM Soft cream base colour, striking cherry red eye and matching edge.
SPACECOAST CRANBERRY BREEZE 25 5 SEv EM Rich cranberry with a metallic gold edge, full round form.
SPACECOAST STARBURST 25 6 Ev EM Pink lavender blend, gold piecrust edge and yellow halo above.
SPACECOAST TINY PERFECTION 18 3 SEv E Peach pink with a definite gold edge. Perfectly round form, sculpted waxlike substance, long bloom season.
SPACECOAST WHITE OUT 24 6.5 SEv E Near white self.
SPECIAL CANDY 32 4.25 Ev EM re Orchid-cream with a violet eye and wide matching picotee, plus an outer edge that often has blue knobs and shark's teeth. Plant habit and balance is excellent. Very vigorous and long blooming. 6-way branching. 30-35 buds. Early morning opener. Easily fertile both ways.
SPECIAL OVATION 32 5.5 Ev E re Creamy yellow with a rose red eye and edge with a very green throat. 8 way branching with 50 buds.
SPECTRAL ELEGANCE 23 6.5 Ev EM This big, lavishly ruffled pastel with pink overlay possesses excellent substance and fluted ruffling, gold edges edged in chartreuse.
SPINY SEA URCHIN 27 5.5 SEv EM This daylily has “spines” all along the outer edge of the daylily, a beautiful lavender bi-tone that opens well and flat despite the elaborate structural gold chartreuse edging.
SPRING FORMAL 20 5 Ev EM Very well branched heavily budded scapes display bouquets of pink blooms blushed lavender with a darker halo and large clean green throats.
STARDUST MEMORIES New! 28 7 SEv M Large lavender pink with a gold/apricot watermark, green throat and a huge looping ruffled gold edge. Heavy, waxy substance. 20 buds. Fertile both ways.
STARMAN'S QUEST 40 7 Dor M re Violet-mauve semi-spider with dark purple eyezone and chartreuse green throat. UFO Crispate.
STATIC 30 4.5 Ev M re The spectacular green throat is surrounded by a triangular electric looking eye of deep navy, lavender,and a slate greyed lavender which is then bordered in a fuchsia rainbow that radiates into and out of the eye.
STAYING ALIVE New! 36 6 Ev EM Fragrant, voluptuous, deeply ruffled pink with a cream to cream chartreuse edge 1" thick and almost 1.5" deep. 5 way branching, 35 buds. Fertile.
STEPHANIE MAY 23 5 Ev E Cream with pink flush and gold edge above a yellow green throat.
STIPPLED STARSHIP 29 7 SEv M re A really fantastic pinched crispate with creamy pale rose petals and lighter creamy pale rose sepals with a very interesting light stippled purple eye and edge.
STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER 26 4.5 Ev EM Clear pink with a strawberry rose eye and braided strawberry rose edge.
SUBSTANCE OF FIRE 31 6 SEv M re Rose coloured bloom with a lighter watermark surrounding a large green throat. The white to gold toothy fringed edge is very consistent, surrounding both the petals and sepals. 15-20 buds.
SWEET LOVE OF HEAVEN 21 5.5 Ev M Satin peach with grey lavender eye above a green throat, ruffled edge.

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