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denotes Australian cultivars.

Cultivar name Preview Height Bloom
TAMSIN CHARMAN 28 6 Ev E Dark pinkish lavender with wide voluptuous ruffles outlined in white. Green throat. Fertile both ways.
TANE CHARMAN 24 5.2 Ev EM Peach with a large grape eye and wide matching edge. Yellow green throat. 5-way branching, 24 buds. Garden standout!
TEMPTATION EYES 30 6.5 Ev EM re Light peach with nice network veining throughout the sepals and petals. It has a lavender blue patterned eyezone surrounded with a pencil band of darker lavender which is echoed in watercolour on the sepals. Heavy corduroy sculpting starts at the eye and goes deep into the large green throat, and a double edge of dark lavender and gold completes the picture. 4-way branching, 20 buds. Fertile both ways.
Tetra CONNIE BURTON 24 5.5 Ev EM Introduced as a diploid in 1999 and later converted to a tetraploid by Dan Trimmer. Coral pink blend with a pink eyezone above a green throat. 3-way branching, 21 buds. Kids from this parent usually display flat open faces with huge green throats with outstanding crisp substance. Fragrant. Fertile.
Tetra PEPPERMINT DELIGHT 24 6 Ev EE re Introduced as a diploid by Carpenter in 2003 and later converted by Stamile. Amber with an enormous blood red eye and a startling green throat. The flowers are wide open and flat faced, blooming over a long period. Tet PEPPERMINT DELIGHT is a parent of many exciting introductions this year. Fertile.
TEXAS BLUE EYES 20 5.5 Ev M Lavender with a huge "blue" eye and a green throat.
TEXAS FEATHERED FANCY 20 5.25 Dor E re This blue lavender daylily is unique, with its very thick hardened “feathers” in the throat area of the petals. Fertile both ways.
THE BAND PLAYED ON 25 5.5 Ev EE re Continuous blooming - orchid rose with a blue and black violet eye and edge and a grass green throat.
THE HULK 29 7.25 Ev M re Massive blooms with heaviest substance together with incredibly wide and chubby petals and sepals. First flowers on this monster are almost 8". Salmon pink with flamboyantly arranged ruffles that are laced in gold. 3-way branching. 18-20 buds. Early morning opener. Fertile both ways.
THE TERMINATOR 32 7.5 Ev M re This huge bloom is copper rose with hints of lavender with an inch wide gold frill. 4-way branching. Fertile both ways.
THUNDERBOLT'S WAY 27 5 Ev E re Rose lavender with a faint rose eyezone and edge. Well ruffled with a prominent outer gold edge. Green throat. Fertile. 6-way branching, 40 buds.
TRICOLOR 25 5 Ev E re The orchid cream base seems to have triangles of fuchsia, lavender, charcoal and green layered over each other.. different!
TROPICAL HEATWAVE 28 5.3 Ev E Orange, red edge and eye
TROPICAL SENSATION 30 7 Ev E Big, flat, brilliant fiery bittersweet orange with light red eye and edge.
TROPICAL SHADE 27 5.75 Ev M re A pale blending of cream, pink and apricot with a bright intense rose eye and edge. Form is very round, full, overlapped and ruffled. Substance is heavy and full. Small lime green throat. Fertile, and one of the top eyed parents for the strange and unique.
TRUFFLE MANIA 30 6.75 Ev E re Yellow overlaid salmon rouge almond with a gold edge above a green throat. Double.
TUMBLED GLASS New! 29 6 Ev E Appliqued cream with lavender pink eye and wide matching edge. Gold bubbly outer edge. 3-way branching, 20 buds. Fertile. EMO.
TURN UP THE VOLUME 26 7 Ev EM re Large orange blooms have a red-orange chevron eye that covers most of the petal and an over half inch wide, red-orange, ruffled edge.
VELVET EYES 30 4.5 SEv EM Purest red with a deep velvety black eye.
VENETIAN FRINGE 25 7.5 SEv M re Double. Unique and massive! These huge lavender rose blooms feel like they weigh 5 pounds! Both petals and petaloids are typically covered in shark's teeth, but they can be covered with both teeth and gold hooks. 20 buds.
VERDANT SPRING 25 6.5 Ev E re This flower is predominantly green, with the green throat covering 60% of the bloom and the 0.25" green edge leaving only a "dollop" of greenish pink to finish the remaining part of the petals and sepals. 4-way branching. 25-30 buds. Fertile both ways.
VICTORIAN LACE 30 6.8 Ev EM Pearl pink with ruffles, bubbles hooks & notches, heavy gold braiding, heavy substance.
VILLA DEL SOL 30 5.5 Ev EE Glowing gold with deep looping and ruffling, heavy sculpting, some embossing, full form.
VIOLET LIGHT New! 34 5.8 Ev EM Fragrant, clear medium purple with a touch of rose, a light watermark and a huge cream ruffled gold edge with a green throat. 5 way branching, 35 buds. Fertile.
VIOLET STAINED GLASS New! 36 6.3 Ev EM Light cream petals, light violet eye with a large lemon appliqué throat. Violet picotee edge. Diamond dusted. 5 way branching, 30- 35 buds. Fertile.
VIOLET VISION 28 6 SEv M re Violet purple bi-tone. Green throat. 4-way branching, 35 buds.
WATERMELON TAFFY 27 5.5 SEv M re Very pale soft cream pink flower with a bright rose watermelon eye and edge. The flowers are very round and full with the petal edges carrying both the colour of the eye and a fine gold edge. Substance is heavy and smooth. 4-way branching 30 buds. Fertile.
WILD CHERRY ROUNDUP 24 5 Ev EM Pink and shrimp pink blend with a rouge eye and intense green throat, lovely wide extravagantly ruffled edge, vigorous.
WISEST OF WIZARDS 28 5.5 SEv ML Ivory cream pink, ruffled pink and gold edge, apricot-pink eye.
WISH FULFILLMENT 28 6.5 Ev EM A lovely white and gold edged red, excellent habits.
WORLD TRAVELLER 23 7 Ev E re Huge dark lavender self with fine white edging showing off a large green throat.
WRITTEN ON THE WIND 25 6 SEv M re The heavily substanced rose-lavender bloom has a dark purple eye and edge surrounding a green throat. Petal edges are surrounded by bubbly gold edges. Colours are rich, deep and saturated, and the very wide velvety borders are so thick that they seem to be made of rubber. Fertile both ways.
WYATT EARP 34 5 Ev EM Bright medium red, ruby red eye which radiates into emerald green throat.

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