General Approach

The system uses a strong pass with symmetric relays, transfer-style major-suit openings and two fert openings ("fertiliser" openings) of 1H and 1S. The transfer openings are opened up-the-line and may be balanced or based on a longer side suit. Thus any hand that is too weak for Pass and too strong for a weak action that has four or more hearts must open 1C. Any hand of similar strength that lacks four hearts but has four spades must open 1D. Hands with at least six clubs, fewer than four cards in each major and fewer then five cards in diamonds open 2C. Hands with at least six diamonds, fewer than four cards in each major and fewer then five cards in clubs open 2D. Hands with at least five cards in both minors open 2NT. The remaning hands are balanced without a four-card major and hands with a five-card minor and a four-card minor, which all open 1NT. The two-level openings may be adjusted to taste. With hands not strong enough for one of the previously mentioned openings, a fert opening is used. The fert of 1S shows a hand not quite sufficient to make one of the previous openings, but denying hearts. The fert of 1H shows any hand weaker than the requirements for 1S, or a hand with four or more hearts that is not quite sufficient to open 1C. A hand meeting the maximum for 1S, but which holds a heart suit, will open 1C.
All openings below 2NT have at least one response that is unlimited and which expresses some degree of game interest. This response begins a relay sequence that, if completed, establishes opener's shape and strength. The relay is the strongest action available that does not promise fit, and is typically the only non-fit action that is forcing. Other actions are typically natural, limited, and non-forcing, however some range probes, transfer sequences, mini-splinters and fit-showing jumps are used.

Opening Bids

Pass 15+ HCP.
1C 9-14 HCP balanced or 8-13 HCP unbalanced, 4+H, may be balanced, three-suited or have a longer second suit.
1D 10-14 HCP balanced or 9-13 HCP unbalanced, 4+S, 0-3H, may be balanced, three-suited or have a longer minor suit.
1H 0-7/8 HCP unbalanced/balanced with hearts, or 0-5/6 HCP unbalanced/balanced/ without hearts.
1S 7-9 HCP balanced without hearts or 10 HCP balanced with no major or 6-8 HCP unbalanced without hearts.
1NT 11-14 HCP 1-3S 1-3H 2-5D 2-5C, balanced with no major or 5-4 or 4-5 with both minors.
2C 10-14 HCP 6+C 0-3S 0-3H 0-4D.
2D 10-14 HCP 6+D 0-3S 0-3H 0-4C.
2H 4+H 4+S, weak, undisciplined.
2S 5+S, weak, undisciplined.
2NT 10-14 HCP 5+D 5+C.
3X Normal three-level actions subject to vulnerability and positional concerns.
3NT A four-level minor preempt.
4m Stronger than the corresponding 4M opening.
4M To play.