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I'm not going to try to include heaps of Tomb Raider links - there are plenty of pages that do that. Some good ones are listed below, as well as some other favourites and useful places. Please let me know about bad links.

Tomb Raider Fan sites: (updated 7 October 2006)

TR Level Editor links are on my Level Editor page. This includes custom level listing sites, forums, Eidos updaters etc. - the premier site for custom Tomb Raider levels! A large and well established forum is also available here.

Stella's site - lots of interesting stuff about all the Tomb Raiders. Stella also has some of my MacRaider savegames for download from her site, from TR3 Gold (The Lost Artefact) and TR Chronicles. Stella's site has recently been completely updated, and she is now open for business again! - Italian language Mac TR site, the only other significant Mac-specific TR site I know of. Despite the name it is not connected in any way with MacRaider, and appeared some years after my site!

Tomb Raider Saga - this is a Spanish language TR site. It is not Mac-specific, so only that information common to the Mac and PC games will be covered here (which is most gameplay info and bugs, but there will be no Mac help or savegames).

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Official Tomb Raider Sites (updated 9 December 2007)

Eidos - the publishers of Tomb Raider on PC, Playstation, and Dreamcast.

The Official Tomb Raider Site - the official Tomb Raider fan site, with info on all the games.

Aspyr Media - the publishers of Tomb Raider 1-6 on the Mac

Feral Interactive - the publishers of Tomb Raider Anniversary on the Mac.

Westlake Interactive - ported TR 1 to TR 5 (Chronicles) to Mac. They have now been absorbed into MacSoft.

Robosoft Technologies - ported Tomb Raider Anniversary to the Mac.

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Other useful sites:

MacFormat - MacFormat is a leading Mac magazine, published in the UK. Their site hosts a regular blog about all things Mac.

MacUpdate - lists software updates, with many updates added every day and most reviewed by users.

Inside Mac Games - nice Mac games site, updated every weekday. for the Mac - heaps of software downloads for Macintosh

Apple- get your latest Apple news and stuff here.

Accelerate your Mac - Lots of stuff here about getting your Mac to run better.

Mactracker - Get info on any Mac.

Mactech - Article on benchmark tests for emulation software for Macs.

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