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About The Game




About Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

On March 4 2010 Eidos Interactive/Crystal Dynamics announced that they were working on two games one of which would be titled 'Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light' (presumably the other game is Tomb Raider 9). This new game is not part of the Tomb Raider series and would be different in many ways from the games we are used to featuring our heroine. The game will be made available only in downloadable format through XBox Live, the Playstation Network and for PC. It will be a cooperative game but also be playable in single player mode the game differing dependent on which mode the player chooses. It will also feature an isometric camera view (overhead and to the side) which will scroll and follow the character(s) as they progress through the levels. GoL also introduces another character, Totec (more below) hence the co-op play option.

The Story:

Our heroin Lara is on the trail of an ancient artifact called The Mirror of Smoke which, thousands of years ago, was entombed by Totec, the leader of the Army of Light along with himself after an epic battle which raged between good and evil and after he triumphed over his evil counterpart Xolotl and banished him from the world. However during Lara's search in Central America the artifact is snatched from her by a group of mercenaries who have been tracking her, effectively awaking both Xolotl (who reclaims the mirror and kills the mercenaries) and Totec who blames Lara for her carelessness but ultimately realizes that the only chance of retrieving the mirror is to work together to avoid the world falling into eternal darkness. Hijinx ensue.


Lara again has her dual pistols with unlimited ammo and her grapple which can be used to help Totec reach places he couldn't otherwise. Totec on the other hand can help Lara out by throwing his unlimited spears into walls etc allowing Lara to use them like the parallel bars we're used to finding throughout TR levels. He can also use his shield as a platform for Lara to climb on by holding it over his head. Totec can also wield a shotgun and there has been talk of both characters being able to use land mines. I have also seen at least one screen capture of Lara using what appears to be a flame thrower but I haven't seen any confirmation of this. There will be collectables to be found and along with the main quest there will be optional side 'rooms' to discover and explore and unlock extra items. Guardian of Light uses the same game engine as TR Undeworld and will feature dynamic plants, shadows and physics-based destructible objects.

Furture downloadable content has been announced which will include new environments and the abillity to replace Lara and Totec with other video game characters.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is now available for download for PS3 (Playstation Network) XBox (XBox Live) and PC (Steam) for US$15. Also available for iPhone and iPod Touch for US$6.99 and iPad for US$9.99 and downloadable through Apple's iTunes App Store.







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