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About Tomb Raider I and Unfinished Business ('Tomb Raider Gold' on Mac)

 Tomb Raider Gold Mac version, from Aspyr Media, is the original 1996 Tomb Raider I, plus the bonus 'Gold' levels released later for PC. These bonus levels included 'Shadow of the Cat' and 'Unfinished Business', with two levels each - collectively known as 'Unfinished Business'. The Unfinished Business levels are played as a separate game from the main TR I.

Tomb Raider Gold is claimed to have probably the best level design of all the Tomb Raider games. That should translate into a game with the most challenging and interesting gameplay, and its universal appeal bears that out. It was the first game of its type - an 'over the shoulder' view and a female lead character you could identify with. Back in 1999, Lara Croft was reputed to be in the top 50 most influential people in the Information Technology industry, and she doesn't even exist!

For some reason, the first Mac release was Tomb Raider II, late in 1998. Tomb Raider Gold was released in March '99, and it may be the most eagerly awaited game for Mac ever. Play the game and you'll find out why!

Some of the graphics make it apparent where the changes were made for TR II. The floor and wall textures are of similar complexity, but some plants, and objects like the relics, are sprites, and move with your point of view. Not that this is a problem, but it takes a minute to get used to. Interestingly, the animals, with fewer textures, actually look very good - I think they are better than those in TR II. Lara has less detail, and no ponytail, but otherwise her movements are very similar to those in TR II, with a few omissions (like rolling during a back or forward flip, or in the water). The water is not as realistic, and Lara's swimming is not as controllable, but again, this only takes a few minutes to get used to.

The puzzles are similar to those we've come to know from TR II. Areas to explore, doors to open, puzzles to solve, stuff to find. The level design is impressive and the puzzles interesting. Those who played TR II before TR Gold may find it a bit easier to begin with, but the later levels are quite difficult.

Lara's home is less detailed than in TR II, and there is less chance to explore. Lara leads you through the training moves, but check the house out before you get into the pool - the training ends when you get out.

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Playing in OS X Classic (7 October 2006)

For tips on playing Tomb Raider I in OS X Classic, I've now posted a dedicated page!

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Walkthroughs (9 December 2007)

These Walkthroughs and Tips are the result of my extensive experiences and have been carefully checked to give you the most direct routes. They give you enough information to complete each level, with hints or details about every pickup and Secret.

Look for the * in these walks - it means there's something nearby. All the pickups I flag are gettable, but some are very hard! Search every corner of every area you enter, but get rid of any threats first. Please note that I don't generally include any pickups the bad guys might be carrying, so always check them out as well (they don't all carry goodies though...)

When you extract the download, if the walkthrough won't open in your browser automatically by clicking on it, then open it from within the browser, or Drag&Drop it onto your browser's icon!

The TR I download contains the following walkthroughs:

Tomb Raider I
Peruvian Levels | Roman Levels | Egyptian Levels | Atlantean Levels

Tomb Raider Unfinished Business (TR I Gold) -
The Shadow Of The Cat | Unfinished Business

Download the MacRaider Tomb Raider Gold walkthroughs (66k ZIP)

Notes - Look for the * in these walkthroughs - it means there's a pickup nearby. I haven't flagged the secrets separately, but if you find all the pickups I've flagged you should get all the secrets!

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Hints and Tips (9 December 2007)

This Gameplay Tips download contains information on all versions of TR up to TR Chronicles, most of which is applicable to Mac, PC, and PlayStation!

Topics covered include the Weapons, Enemies, Moves, Vehicles, Bugs, and Cheats; as well as some Mac-specific information about watching the FMV's, and a neat way to see the TRC Main Menu Flyby and Special Features without that annoying text!

Download the MacRaider Gameplay Tips (30k ZIP)

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Downloads (Mac game only!) (9 December 2007)

Savegames should be dropped into the Save folder in your Tomb Raider folder. Don't forget to remove your own saves first, and keep them in a separate folder. If a ReadMe is included, check it so you know what to do. Note that you can use a maximum of 15 or 16 savegames in the Save folder at one time depending on the game. (4k) This puts you after the series of running jumps across the fire pillars in Palace Midas. (22k) (7k) These are sets of savegames of the starts of levels 2-15 in Tomb Raider I, and levels 2-4 in Tomb Raider Unfinished Business. (Both these are from my second full run through Tomb Raider Gold, where I managed to complete all 19 levels with all the pickups, saving only at the start of each level :-)

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Game Bugs

The original release of Tomb Raider Gold for Mac included a bad set of FMVs (movies), which were the best that could be used at the time due to Eidos having 'lost' the good set in their archiving or somehow... However, the updated version of TR Gold included with the TR Trilogy was resplendant with a much better set of the FMVs, which are a pleasure to watch!

Interestingly there are no documented game bugs in Tomb Raider Gold. If you do find something it's more likely that it's a problem with your particular setup rather than the game itself, so refer to Aspyr's general troubleshooting guide in the Readme.

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