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Important Notice (3 May 2008)

Although MacRaider is by definition targeted at Tomb Raider on the Mac, I don't yet have access to an Intel Mac. As TR Anniversary is Intel Mac only at this time, I am therefore unable to play the Mac game. However, as the gameplay is identical on Mac, PC, PS2 and X360, all my walkthroughs and general tips are applicable to the Mac game, so you should find all the information you need to beat the game on these pages.

The main restriction at this time is that I'm not able to post Mac savegames, nor am I able to accept emailed savegames to get the player past a difficult spot. Hopefully, when the Universal update is released in the near future, I will be able to get the game running on my old G4 Power Mac and finally be able to post savegames, in which case I'll post a notice here!

About Tomb Raider: Anniversary (updated 8 March 2008)

8 March 2008 - Feral Interactive have amended their system requirements for TR Anniversary after testing on a MacBook with GMA integrated graphics with shared RAM. They now say that the game is suitable for Macs with integrated graphics, such as the MacBook. Performance on other GMA MacIntels such as the Mac minis and older low-end iMacs is not mentioned but it seems that as long as they meet the minimum system requirements they should manage the game as well! (I'd already had independant opinion from Colin a few weeks ago that the GMA 950 MacBook worked fine but as I'd not had confirmation I refrained from saying anything here at that time...)

15 February 2008 - Feral Interactive have released the Mac demo of Tomb Raider Anniversary, for Intel Macs only. Go to the Feral TR Anniversary page for the links. This is a large download at 273MB so isn't suitable for dialup connections. The Mac demo is the first part of level 3 'The Lost Valley', so my walkthrough for that level should be suitable for the demo as well.

About the Mac Game

14 February 2008 - Feral Interactive have announced that the Intel version of Tomb Raider Anniversary for Mac will be released worldwide on 15 February 2008, with a demo available 14 February! The demo will probably be the same as the PC demo, which is the first half of level 3 The Lost Valley, up to the cutscene where the T-Rex appears. This means that my Lost Valley walkthrough to that point should be applicable to the Mac demo, although some features may differ in the demo (link from my Walkthrough section on this page).

Sometime in the coming months Feral will be releasing a Universal patch for use with the Intel game release, to make the game playable on high end PowerPC Macs in either OS X Tiger or Leopard.

Go to Feral Interactive's Tomb Raider Anniversary page for up-to-date details of system requirements. At this time (14 February 2008) the only requirements listed are for the Intel version of the game, but PowerPC system requirements will be included when the Universal version nears completion. Note that Intel integrated GMA graphics won't be supported, which rules out MacBooks, the Mac mini, and some earlier model low-end iMacs (all the current aluminium iMacs are supported).

Robosoft Technologies handled the Mac conversion.

Note that as I neither own, nor have access to an Intel Mac, I won't be able to provide Mac-specific support at this time. And when the Universal version is released it's likely that my G4 Mac won't meet the minimum requirements, which means that I may never be able to provide Mac-specific support for things such as savegames (although my walkthrough is fully Mac-compatible!) And even if there's a possibility that the Universal game will run on my Mac I'll still have to upgrade to OS X Tiger or Leopard, something I've been avoiding as OS X Panther continues to be my preferred system as it handles the classic Mac TRs better than Tiger (Leopard doesn't run the classic environment at all...) If I do upgrade to Tiger or Leopard I'll have to install it on a separate hard drive, and if I'm not successful running Anniversary then I'd be deleting that system install anyway so it would be a complete waste of money. Yes, there are a lot of 'ifs' there, and until more details of the Universal patch are released I can't say more...

Following are the Intel Mac system requirements as at 14 February 2008 - note that the minimum Graphics RAM has been reduced to 64MB (was 128MB), and the recommended best system is Leopard (was Tiger). Minimum input is now listed as mouse - the mouse is now used for primary control in conjunction with the keyboard - with Game Pad recommended as before. Otherwise these system requirements are the same as the earlier interim requirements.

Updated system requirements (at 8 March 2008)

Minimum (Intel) System Requirements
Processor: 1.83GHz
RAM: 512MB
Graphics: 64MB
Mac OS: 10.4
Hard Disk: 4GB
Drive: DVD
Input: Mouse

Recommended (Intel) System Requirements
Processor: 2.4GHz
Graphics: 128MB
Mac OS: 10.5
Hard Disk: 4GB
Drive: DVD
Input: Game Pad

This game will run on GMA graphics cards with shared RAM.

Intel Only
Designed for Intel processors only

A Universal (Intel and PPC) version of the game will be made available in the new year.

PPC Mac requirements are yet to be advised, but the PPC processor minimum is expected to be a bit lower than that specified for Intel Macs.

About Tomb Raider Anniversary

Tomb Raider Anniversary is a tribute to the game that started the epic adventure series, the original Tomb Raider released in 1996, first for Sega Saturn, then later that year for PlayStation and PC. In 1999 it was released for Mac as Tomb Raider Gold.

For those familiar with the original, Anniversary will be instantly recognisable but at the same time refreshingly different. Gone are the pixelly graphics and blocky terrain, to be replaced with a much more sophisticated environment that broadly approximates the original but has been assembled on a larger scale to accommodate the vastly superior capabilities of the evolved Lara Croft. Along with this the player will find that although the gameplay is broadly familiar, it has also been updated to a modern style, having much in common with Tomb Raider Legend from April 2006. Which is nothing of a surprise as Anniversary was developed using a modified Legend game engine by Crystal Dynamics, the developers of Legend. There are, however, some additional moves for Lara and I'll explain these in the walkthrough as I go.

For the traditionalists among us Lara is sporting her original costume, and her weapons will also be similar to the originals including the classic pistols with unlimited ammo, along with the shotgun, auto pistols and sub-machine guns! The enemies will be generally much the same as the original, but updated as well, so if you've a yearning to fight wolves, bears, and the T Rex, then you won't be disappointed! The terrain will be probably the most changed, with places like the Lost Valley on a much grander scale! 

Anniversary will probably not please all the TR traditionalists, but for many it is a very fitting 10th anniversary tribute (albeit a little late...) to a classic game that brought a new genre to console and computer games, and should appeal to anyone who liked Legend!

For a wide variety of information on the game Eidos has posted the official Tomb Raider: Anniversary website, including a range of trailers, wallpapers, screenshots, concept art, and much more! This site is aimed at broadband users, but with some patience dialup users can still access some of the material.

Other Links
- More official information is available at the Eidos Tomb Raider: Anniversary page.
- There is also some good coverage at , with larger screenshots and a higher definition downloadable trailer (use their search function to find their Tomb Raider Anniversary information).
- More industry coverage is available at GameSpot (use their search function to find their Tomb Raider Anniversary information).
- TRO-Online has some good content, although the site is French.
- Stella's Tomb Raider site also has a good coverage of the game, including walkthroughs.
- Feral Interactive will be releasing the Mac game Q1 2008.

Release Timeline

Tomb Raider Anniversary was released 1 June 2007 in the UK (7 June in Australia) for PC and PlayStation 2. Versions for PSP, Wii, Xbox 360 and Mac follow later.

On 19 June 2007 on the official Tomb Raider Anniversary site Eidos confirmed that TR Anniversary will be available for Xbox 360 as downloadable episodes! This is in addition to the May announcement of a Wii version in development.

On 14 August 2007 Eidos released more information about the Wii version of Anniversary, slated for release late 2007. Apart from the new control system, there are also new puzzles where Lara can interact with the environment in ways not seen before in TR, using items such as an 'archaeological toolkit'. I was instantly struck by the similarity of the new Wii puzzles with the interactivity of games like Myst! Check out the trailers at the official Tomb Raider site for some intriguing Wii gameplay details.

Around 2 November 2007 the Xbox 360 boxed version of Anniversary was released in Australia! Unfortunately the slated release date of early November for the Australian Wii Anniversary has been put back to the last week in November, so those wanting to check out the new gameplay features will have to wait a little longer...

On 23 November 2007, Feral Interactive announced Anniversary for the Mac! It will be released first quarter 2008, initially for Intel Macs, but with a Universal patch made available for download a little later. See above for more details and system requirements.

On 15 February 2008 the Mac Anniversary was released by Feral Interactive.

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Using a PS3 Controller with Anniversary (Updated 16 December 2009)

It has been brought to my attention that it is possible to get an Intel Mac running OS10.6 (Snow Leopard) to recognize a Playstation 3 Sixaxis controller. This can then be used to play TR Anniversary! The controller needs initially to be connected to the Mac via a USB cable. Holding down the PS button for a few seconds connects the controller. The cable can then be dissconected as the pad is now connected by Bluetooth. The controller can also be remapped in Anniversary to the players specifications. Note that the controller needs to be Bluetooth connected before starting the game and must be dissconnected via the Bluetooth menue after use otherwise it will dissrupt the Macs sleep. At this stage there doesn't seem to be a way of checking the battery level of the controller.

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Walkthroughs (last updated 13 June 2008)

I've now included details of the Mac demo in my walkthrough!

Go to my TR Anniversary walkthrough for all you need to beat TR Anniversary on most platforms including the Mac, and the PC/Mac demo!

I've not yet completed the Time Trials, and due to many other commitments I may never complete them, but beating the later ones will require similar techniques to those earlier in the game, so browse my Peru Time Trial notes at the end of each level for ideas for the later levels...

This walkthrough was written from the PlayStation 2 game. The PS2 gameplay is much the same as the PC, with the main difference being the controls, so this walkthrough should be suitable for most versions of the game that eventually appear (other than hand-held such as PSP which may differ in some ways). This walkthrough should also be fully compatible with the Mac game, PS2 control references excepted. If I'm able to run the Mac game on my old dual G4 Mac, I'll make any minor changes I find necessary!

As is usual for me, my walkthrough doesn't detail every single step Lara takes, but will include all necessary information to enable you to complete the game. The more tricky the spot, the more detail I give! My philosophy has always been to give the player enough information to complete the game, but not to take them by the hand every step of the way - I leave some of the discovery for the player.

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Hints and Tips (last updated 3 May 2008)

I've rolled all my general gameplay tips into my walkthrough. If I find that there's a need to post Mac-specific tips in the future then I'll do so here, otherwise you should find all you need by checking out my TR Anniversary walkthrough.

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Downloads (Mac game only!) (last updated 3 May 2008)

I don't have access to an Intel Mac, so I'm not able to post any Mac savegames at this time. If it's possible for me to post savegame downloads from the Mac game later in the year I'll do so, but as yet I'm not able to make any commitment about this...

In the meantime go to Stella's Tomb Raider Anniversary page for links to some Mac savegames - these should help you get past any part of the game if you're stuck.

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 Game Bugs (last updated 27 November 2007)

Whether I post anything here also depends on whether I'll be able to run the Universal Mac game. I'll advise when I know more.

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