Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition (Posted 25 March 2008)

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition was an unfinished Core Design project that was, for a time, in parallel development alongside the Crystal Dynamics developed Tomb Raider: Anniversary, although it had been started somewhat earlier than the Crystal Dynamics offering. While Core Design had TR Anniversary Edition in development they were sold by Eidos, and in the end Eidos chose to go with the version of the 10th Anniversary tribute developed by their own company, Crystal Dynamics.

Earlier this year the videos from the cancelled game were released from embargo, and are now available to view! Planet Lara are handling the TR:AE material, and the original site is also online. There are a couple of promo movies at Planet Lara, as well as some animations, unfinished cutscenes, and images, all of which are available for download. There are also some interviews about the cancelled project with members of the Core Design team.

Planet Lara

Planet Lara Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition page

Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition official site
(The official site home page may be a little buggy on a Mac, depending on the browser used - neither Safari 1.3.2 nor Camino 1.5.4 on my Mac in OS X 10.3 Panther are able to properly handle the Windows Media movie embedded on the home page while using the Flip4Mac plugin. Wait until the page is loaded, and if necessary minimise the window, then maximise it to reset the formatting and make the links available. Pages without Windows Media movies should load with no problems, and the movie download links should work even if the movies themselves are buggy. To view Windows Media movies on your Mac, download the Flip4Mac Windows Media QuickTime plugin.)



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