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About Tomb Raider Level Editor

TRLE is a commercial version of the tool used by the developers of TR to design the TR levels. It is specifically for use with a special release of the TR4 game, and this is included on the Level Editor CD. This release is included with the commercial release of Tomb Raider: Chronicles on a separate CD-ROM.

It also contains several slighty modified TLR levels and a Playable Tutorial Level. Included are all the textures, audio files etc. you need to create your very own TR adventure! This is a complicated process and a fully detailed pdf manual is provided to guide you through the making of the playable tutorial level as well as giving lots of background info on the level making process (this manual requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader).

The Editor constructs TLR levels, but you won't be constrained to TLR textures. Others are available, and you can even make your own terrain textures. There will also be a good range of TLR enemies to use in your own unique levels. This will provide more adventurous Raiders with many hours of distractions, and a large number of custom levels are already available on the web.

Most of the PC levels already posted on the web are playable with the Mac Custom TR game - this gives a great selection of neat levels. But there are also some Mac designers and some very good Mac-made levels! Note that many of the custom levels on the web require converting before you are able to run them in the game. The advantage is that the unconverted levels are much smaller than the game-ready levels, and are a lot faster to download. Check the Mac TRLE instructions for details on the conversion process, which isn't very difficult.

There are an enormous number of single custom levels on the web now, many of which are very well made! There are also plenty of short TR games comprising several linked levels. If you thought you'd run out of TR games to play, then think again - even at October 2003, there are still good levels being released! However, I won't be able to provide any gameplay help for downloaded custom levels - for this you should check out the forums, or contact the author of the level.

NOTE: Due to time and bandwidth constraints I will unfortunately not be able to post any user-designed levels or walkthroughs. I will, however, try to post links to the best TRLE sites on the web - if you find a good one I've not included in my Downloads entry, please let me know the details.

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Walkthroughs (updated 9 December 2007)

This TRLE download contains the following walkthrough:

Playable Tutorial Level

Download the MacRaider Tutorial Level Walkthrough (4k)

Notes - TRLE can be used to design your own TR levels, which you can then play using the special edition game included on the Editor CD - in the Mac version this game is called 'Tomb Raider Level Player'. You can also download Mac or PC levels from the web - levels are compatible with both platforms!

This single level is the tutorial level included on the CD. There are also several other TLR levels included which differ slightly from the original release in some details, and aren't necessarily designed to be played as a game (that won't stop me trying though!) They are intended to be used as help for designing your own levels. The Playable Tutorial Level does automatically lead on to 'The Tomb of Seth' though...

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Hints and Tips (updated 9 December 2007)

For some notes on the conversion process and some of the pitfalls you may encounter, go to my Custom Level info page. This is essential reading for anyone wanting to download and play custom levels on a Mac

Also, this Gameplay Tips download contains information on all versions of TR up to TR Chronicles, most of which is applicable to Mac, PC, and PlayStation! Of particular interest may be any 'Last Revelation' tips as the custom levels use the TR 4 game engine so all cheats for TLR apply here as well ;-)

Topics covered include the Weapons, Enemies, Moves, Vehicles, Bugs, and Cheats; as well as some Mac-specific information about watching the FMV's, and a neat way to see the TRC Main Menu Flyby and Special Features without that annoying text!

Download the MacRaider Gameplay Tips (30k ZIP)

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Downloads (updated 9 December 2007)

Mac Designed Levels

I try to play every level I'm posting so I can give a personal opinion, but that may not always be possible. If I have not played a level I'll say so; otherwise you can assume I've played the full level!

- 'Duration' mentioned is my savegame time, unless otherwise indicated - actual play time could be a lot longer...

- 'Review Rating' refers to ratings of levels by reviewers on the excellent Custom Level Listing site. These ratings fluctuate over time as reviews are added, so the ratings I give should only be viewed as a guide - visit the site for current ratings. They are rated out of a maximum of 10 in 4 categories, higher (of course) is better! (Please note that these ratings do not necessarily reflect my own opinion of a level!)

- Download links are to the level as posted at Custom Level Listing. The site has a good search function so be sure to go there and find out more about the authors and levels, and check out the reviews! Note that authors listed on that site are in alpha order of first name or nickname.

Atsushi Yamakawa

 Author's Profile at

Another Tutorial Level
- The first level from this author. Despite the title, this one bears no resemblance to the original Tutorial level and is an interesting departure from the usual Tutorial style. Suitable for most players. Quite straightforward, but good fun none the less.
Duration about 40 min. | Review Rating 6.0
Download this level (Zip, approx 2.5 MB)

Skeleton's Palace - The second level from this author is based on the Coastal wads. It shows good design skills development, and introduces some nice, and unusual, puzzles. This is a more difficult level than the first and should suit those players who have medium level playing skills, or a beginner who wants a challenge.
Duration about 50 min. | Review Rating 7.3
Download this level (Zip, approx 800 K)

Heathen Temple - This author's third level is based on the Karnak wads. It is a very nice looking 'desert ruins' level with some good puzzles and plenty of interesting areas to explore. The author has included lots of of visual links between areas, thus allowing the player to get glimpses of later rooms. There is also a good 'flooding' puzzle which shows careful attention to detail. A medium difficulty level, but not too difficult for beginners who want a challenge. (Note - save some revolver ammo as it's required to complete the level!)
Duration about 75 min. | Review Rating 8.0
Download this level (Zip, approx 1.0 MB)

Out of Curiosity - Atsushi's fourth level features the Young Lara, and is one of the best of this genre to be released! It is based on modified Coastal wads and is a more polished effort than his first three, and a lot of fun! Lara has to negotiate a difficult environment, with no protection from some dangerous enemies but her wits. Remember that there are more ways of disposing of bad guys than blasting them out of existence! There are some devious secrets, one of which requires some practice and skill to acquire, and another which requires some lateral thinking. You will need to carefully explore all the areas you find yourself in to make it to the end as all may not be obvious at first glance. Be sure to save as much health as possible - unless you find all the secrets you might get very low on health by the end! This is not an easy level to complete and I'd recommend it for more experienced players.
Duration 90+ minutes | Review Rating 8.5
Download this level (Zip, approx 9.4 MB)

Night School - The fifth level from this author continues the 'Young Lara' theme, with a concept I don't recall seeing before - Lara is trapped in a school and must open the main gates to get out! Not as simple as it sounds... The school building is nicely realised and a lot of exploring is necessary before Lara can go home! However, there are a couple of problems regarding the single secret in the level, which is very difficult to get - download these tips (2k ZIP) if you're finding it too difficult! This level has some tricky jumps and although otherwise not too difficult (apart from the secret) may be beyond a beginner.
Duration 45+ minutes | Review Rating 7.5
Download this level (Zip, approx 6.3 MB)

The Thing In The Cellar - The sixth level from Atsushi is set in a wonderfully complex and realistic castle, where Lara has to find yet another artifact while dodging The Thing! I tested this and found it to be a solid challenge so it's not a level for beginners. Watch out for a very tricky 'Asian' jump (a jump using precise angles to skip over an edge), a race to beat a guard reaching a switch (similar to a place in TR3 Area 51, although this time it's not essential to beat him), and a tightly timed Motorcycle section (that is one of the more difficult timed runs I've seen). This level is for an experienced player.
Duration around 90 minutes | Review Rating 8.9
Download this level (Zip, approx 12.8 MB)

The Thing In The Cellar Revised - This update has had a number of changes and now has two different endings, and it doesn't have the very tight timed Motorcycle run. I've not played it yet so I can't comment except to say that the reviewers have given it the thumbs-up!
Duration probably around 90 minutes | Review Rating 9.0
Download this level (Zip, approx 13.1 MB)


Author's Profile at

Nethermore Castle
- This is the first level from this author, and it's a stunning debut! From the moment it loads you know it's going to be one of the spookiest and most atmospheric levels out there! The lighting, map, textures, and audio are very evocative of a haunted night time castle, and for once a darker lighting level is totally appropriate, and even enhances the gameplay! A medium+ difficulty level requiring careful exploration of this wonderful castle. Highly recommended, and well worth the large download (which contains the game-ready TR4 file, and the custom audio files which add so much to the atmosphere of the level).
Duration about 75+ min. | Review Rating 9.0
Download this level (15.8 MB Zip)


Author's Profile at

Tomb Raider Tokyo 1: Studio UMMO - This is Mirai's first level, and is the result of an experiment at building a copy of his own apartment. Of course I don't know how accurate it is, but it does look very realistic and mostly the proportions look lifelike (with a couple of notable exceptions ;-) It doesn't have much in the way of gameplay - just look through, check out the disco (and turn it on to get the visual effects), find the secret spot and head to the somewhat less likely 'basement'. If you like you can ride the motorcycle through the apartment, but do it before opening the basement trapdoor entry! Suitable for beginners.
Duration about 20+ min if you look around | Review Rating 5.4
Download this level (13.1 MB Zip)

Tomb Raider Tokyo 9: Grand Lodge/Dark Lair - Now this is a far greater challenge! Long a classic with the reviewers at the site, and well worthy of the reputation. This is a two level extravaganza, although the second level is quite short (but very spectacular!) The first level 'Grand Lodge' is set in a Lodge, with wonderful architecture, and is very atmospheric. The place is dimly lit, and at the start you can see rain 'through' the window. Lara's footsteps echo, and set the mood for an engaging game. The second level 'Dark Lair' isn't all that dark really, with the shadowy areas well set off by the lighting. It's a short level set mostly in a single, rather dangerous, room with several manifestations of Ammut, the composite monster from the Scale Puzzle rooms at the end of Last Revelation. This game is medium+ difficulty, but worth checking out for less experienced players, if only for the great atmosphere! (When I played this game the second level wouldn't load at the end of the first - if this happens, you can play the second level by renaming it 'tut1.tr4' and running it with the original Script files, selecting 'Playable Tutorial Level' at the New Game menu. You won't have much in your inventory this way, but if you're careful you shouldn't need it.)
Duration about 75 min. | Review rating 9.2
Download this level (36 MB Zip)

Chris-Craig Michaels (Cbl)

Author's Profile at

Indus Valley: The Baths of Harappa - for those of you who, like me, have fond memories of the TR3 India levels, this one should provide a lot of fun. It has a very nicely designed map with a central jungle area including some tree climbing, along with several interesting side areas. Lots of places to explore! The jungle and ruins are convincingly put together and textured, and the feel is further enhanced with several watery areas. Unlike some others the author has resisted the temptation to scatter heaps of undergrowth around which, although looking good, impedes Lara's movements, so the ground isn't too cluttered here. There are plenty of challenges, including some tricky jumps and well placed bad guys (most of the monkeys are friendly ;-) and at one point it's necessary to find a way into the trees carrying a burning torch! The side areas aren't straightforward to access, and good fun when you get to them. However, as most of the side areas can be accessed in any order, it is necessary to do some exploring to work out what happens next. And it's possible to get yourself into a position resulting in Lara being unable complete the level (by trying to swim with the torch, thus losing it), so don't jump into deep water with the torch! As usual, it's a good idea to save in a new slot regularly, just in case! Cameras are mostly well done, with some nice fixed cameras and flybys to help you along. This level is intended to be the first of a series, and I'm looking forward to the next one! Not an easy level so more suited to experienced players.
Duration over 1 hr depending on the exploring | Review rating 8.3
Download this level (16.25 MB Zip)

Due to bandwidth restraints I am unable to post any levels. However, let me know if you'd like a link to your Mac levels included here (similar to the above entries). PLEASE DON'T SEND ANY LEVELS OR SCREENSHOTS! Email me with the name of the level, a short description, and the download URL only - no exceptions! Some of the sites listed below might also be able to post details and links to your own levels. Check on the sites for more information. Remember that if you want PC gamers to play them as well, you'll need to post Zip archives which can be used on both Mac and PC.

I won't be rating any levels, but I will try to play all those I post, and include a short comment. I can't accept any responsibility for any problems you may have with any levels I link to - this is the responsibility of the level's designer, so contact them with your questions and comments.

Top Download Sites

(My TRLE Custom Levels page is dedicated to Mac issues regarding the downloading, conversion, and playing of custom levels! This includes details and fixes for most problems you're likely to encounter!)

Essential site - has a great listing! These include the file type and size of the download, as well as a reviewer rating and separate reviews for nearly all the levels posted. Note that not all levels are Mac compatible, especially if they use the patched tomb4.exe PC game (although some of these will run on a Mac - it depends on what features have been activated).

Eidos Interactive Download page has some extra Editor WAD and TGA (texture) files to download. These may be needed to convert some custom levels, or for extra textures to use in your own projects.


There's an excellent forum at There's info there on troubleshooting and gameplay help for many custom levels! If you've come to a grinding halt in a level, check there first as the answer may already be posted! Or you might like to make your own submission...

The Official Tomb Raider site has a forum.

If you know of another good TRLE site, please let me know - I'll consider including it here.

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Game Bugs

As custom levels are designed by many different people with widely varying levels of expertise, you can expect to find the occasional bug. Also, playing PC designed levels on a Mac does result in the occasional bug not seen if played on a PC - a typical one of this type is a freeze caused by a game trigger, like a trigger to activate bad guys, which hangs the Mac for some as yet unknown reason. Another, this time common to both Mac and PC, is the 'flare bug', which results from an author designing too many active flame emitters into a level.

These are only a couple of examples. There is a lot more detail on custom level issues of all types on my 'Playing Custom Levels' page - essential reading for anyone playing custom levels on a Mac!

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