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About Tomb Raider Trilogy

Note - TR Trilogy is no longer available for Mac as it has been deleted from the Aspyr Media catalogue!

Tomb Raider Trilogy for Mac is a pack containing all the first *six* TR games, from Tomb Raider I to Tomb Raider III Gold (includes all three Gold games). Note that this is the first Mac release of Tomb Raider III Gold 'The Lost Artifact', and it is only available with this release! This is also the first Mac release of TR II Gold 'The Golden Mask' on CD - until now this has only been available as a download.

For those who have the earlier games, is it good value? Well, for your money you get:

-- the first 6 games, full versions, on 3 CD's;

-- an integrated installer which can install whichever games you require (the installation for all these must be done using the 'TR Trilogy' CD installer, not the installers on the TR II or TR III CDs included!

-- the latest updates of all 6 games;

-- a new set of TR1 FMV's, high quality (they look great - the original Mac TR1 had low quality FMV's, the only ones available at the time, which were a bit disappointing);

-- TR 2 Gold (The Golden Mask) for the first time on CD for Mac (previously only available as a download);

-- TR 3 Gold (The Lost Artifact) for the first time *ever* on Mac, not otherwise available (this is an excellent game)!

The system requirements differ from the original release versions of these games and the Trilogy versions require OS 8.6!

FWIW, the PC version of TR Trilogy only had the main TR 1-3 games, *not* the 3 Gold games. Also, TR 3 Gold for PC was only available as a separate purchase. So the Mac release was much better value than the PC equivalent!

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