The Vortex Sail, Variable Geometry Proa

by Malcolm Smith

Photos by Jane Smith

Model 3


Model 3, launched 18th March 2001 on Fitzroy Falls Reservoir, NSW, Australia, in very little wind.

Model 3 Data


Main hull



Radio controlled, 2 channel.

Total Displacement = 2.1kg

Max hull spacing = 0.58m

LWL = 1.5m

WLB = 0.055m

Disp = 1.5kg

LWL = 0.9m

WLB = 0.045m

Disp = 0.6kg

Main spar length = 2.3m

Max depth (chord) = 0.5m

Area (approx) = 0.75sqm


Model 3 moving in about 3 knots of wind.


Model 3 on the water.

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