MI12 Blue Water Proa Concept

The objectives of the Mi12 proa concept design are to acheive high cruising performance and comfort at low cost, and with safety equal to or better than any comparable boat.


Wide main hull for large internal volume.

Raisable ballasted keel coupled with 90% volume ama and bouyant wingmast for self righting ability.

Flat panel 'stitch and glue' construction using pre finished cored composite panels.

Balanced wishbone ballestron rig and double edged linked rudder system for easy shunting.


Main Hull
LOA = 11.3m, Beam = 2.75m, LWL = 10.6m, WLB = 1.4m

LOA = 13.0m, Beam = 0.58m, LWL = 12.5m

Beam overall = 6.25m

Draft hull= 0.5m
Draft min = 0.85m (keel raised, rudders extended)
Draft max = 2.4m (keel fully extended)

Full load displacement = 3.5 tonnes

Sail area
Mainsail area = 53sqm
Jib area = 23sqm
Wingmast area = 7.5sqm, Mast height = 14.6m


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Profile View
End View
Plan View
Quater View
Cutaway View
Accomodation Layout

For further details, contact:

Email: Malcolm Smith