Fast Forward unofficial guide season 1

Fast Forward Season 1 Episode Guide

Cast and crew

Australian terms, words, abbreviations

Episode list with movie or series

Episode 1 Midday show with Don Lane and Jana Wendt, Bourke's Backyard

Episode 2

Episode 3 Friday the 13th, Geoffrey Robertson's Hypothetical, Brent Smyth & Barry

Episode 4

Episode 5 Logie awards

Episode 6

Episode 7 A Night on Manhattan, Batman

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11 The Towering Poseidon Tidal Earthquake '1977

Episode 12 Candid Camera

Episode 13 Beijing TV news

Episode 14

Episode 15 Tell the truth

Episode 16 The Cosby Show, Batman, Beijing TV news

Episode 17 Batman, MTV

Episode 18 The Addams Family

Episode 19 Casablanca

Episode 20 Get Smart

Episode 21 Hogan's Heroes

Episode 22 Lost in Space