Fast Forward unofficial guide season 1

Fast Forward Season 2 Episode Guide

Cast and crew

Australian terms, words, abbreviations

Episode list with movie or series

Episode 1 Kung Fu

Episode 2 Hawaii Five-O

Episode 3 A Country Practice

Episode 4 The Beverly Hillbillies, Four Corners

Episode 5 The Golden Girls, Beach Party Massacre

Episode 6 Happy Days

Episode 7 New Faces

Episode 8 The Flintstones

Episode 9 I Dream of Jeannie, NBC Today Show

Episode 10 Dr Who

Episode 11 The Adventures of Superman, Donahue

Episode 12 Prisoner, Floyd on Australian cooking

Episode 13 Play School, Mister Ed

Episode 14 Sale of the century, That's Dancing

Episode 15 The Patty Duke show

Episode 16 Sale of the Century, James Bond Goldfinger

Episode 17 Perry Mason

Episode 18 Bonanza, Seven Samurai

Episode 19 Fantasy Island, Dick Smith

Episode 20 Skippy, Bewitched, The Wheel of Fortune

Episode 21 The Partridge Family

Episode 22 The Sullivans

Episode 23 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, To the Manor Born

Episode 24 Gilligans Island

Episode 25 Cleopatra/The Fall of the Roman Empire, Agatha Christie

Episode 26 Pride and Prejudice, The Munsters