Fast Forward unofficial guide season 1

Fast Forward Season 4 Episode Guide

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Episode list with movie or series

Episode 1 Star Wars, The Dating Game, 60 Minutes

Episode 2 The Flying Nun, Flipper, The Book Show, Dumb Street

Episode 3 Apocalypse Now, Americas funniest bloopers, Backchat, Amazing Stories, ACA

Episode 4 Frankenstein, Mother and Son, Donahue

Episode 5 Hard Copy, Godzilla, New Faces, The Book Show, Edith Piaf

Episode 6 The Movie Show, Burke's Backyard, The hunt for Red October, Four Corners

Episode 7 Picnic at hanging rock, Four Corners

Episode 8 The Wizard of Oz, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Episode 9 The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Strictly ballroom, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Sylvania Waters

Episode 10 Gone with the Wind, Sylvania Waters

Episode 11 Casablanca, Open University, Sylvania Waters

Episode 12 Chariots of Fire, Psycho, Romeo and Juliet

Episode 13 King Kong, Blood Frenzy Massacre 2, 4 Corners

Episode 14 E.T.

Episode 15 Blake's 7, The Saturday Show

Episode 16 Play School, The Sound of Music.