fast forward guide season 2 episode 2

Fast Forward Season 2 Episode 2

1. Hawaii Five-O

2. Andrew Peacock, John Hewson leadership marriage with John Howard.

john hewson and john hewson gondolier puppets Australian PM

3. Native Australian food

4. Hunch Head transplant, ratings drop, cry

5. American Express ad

6. Hawaii Five-O

7. ACA Pyramid scam

ACA A Curret Affair pyramid scheme scam on aca Lester in a wheelchair

8. Paul Keating and Bob Hawke on past wars.

9. Tonight Live with Steve Vizard

10. Eyeball news Pixie-Anne Wheatley does economics and sports.

11. Cocktail drunks Johnny Dropper

12. Tonight Live

13. The golden years of advertising

14. Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O

15. UFO abduction Ask a local

16. SBS viewing highlights 100 Great Albanians, bucket show, simpleton and his spanner, Death Squad, Endless Winter Surf film from Bulgaria

17. UFO abduction drops in for tea.

18. The golden years of advertising hand actors

19. Qantas airline stewards Cats as favourite musical

20. Ask Lizzy with Elizabeth II Lint problems

21. ACA Joh Bjelke-Petersen

22. The National party supports Andrew Peacock

23. SBS viewing highlights My body natural

24. Eyeball Temporary News ANZAC Day, National party,

Eyeball news cheap Australian news

25. Pete's Whine

26. Elizabeth II reads for Eyeball news

27. Margaret Thatcher on the Poll Tax riots

28. Dodgy Brothers Wine Club.

29. Andrew Peacock reads for Eyeball news

30. Chenille Etiquette, aversion therapy to help to learn speak proper.

31. Liberal environmental policy with John Elliot

31. John Howard reads for Eyeball news.

32. Hawaii Five-O lesbian separatists.

33. Barry Humphries reads for Eyeball news.

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