fast forward guide season 2 episode 8

Fast Forward Season 2 Episode 8

1. Hunch World Cup

2. The Flintstones

3. MTV Party in your pants, Paula Abdul with a bear

Paula Abdul

4. The Flintstones

5. Gross Big Mine

6. Fingermark cards

7. ACA Immigration with Mr Bruce

8. Cointreau ad

9. The Flintstones party

the flintstones

10. Eyeball news-reader Auditions Jacques Cousteau

11. George Bush and Michael Gorbachev in bed A whole new ball game

12. News reader

13. Ask Lizzy PM

14. ABC Drama production office

15. ACA Immigration

16. Taxi driver

17. Ita Buttrose

18. SBS viewing highlights Great refrigerator mechanics, You bitch don't call me a drunken pig, Day of the jackass

19. Day of the jackass

20. The Flintstones at the atm

21. ACA Immigration

22. Roger Ramshett and the Forty Thieves Carpet Cave sale

23. Brides of Satan AGM

24. Taxi driver

25. Ita Buttrose

26. Brides of Satan

27. The National Party Tree planting

28. Keeno in Japan

29. Pixie Anne with Scott Fisher

30. Eyeball temporary news music

31. Ita Buttrose

32. Bob Hawke and Paul Keating at the opera with Alan Bond in Swan Lake

33. The Flintstones

34. Kelvin at a retirement speech.

35. ACA Immigration

36. Grape man.

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