fast forward guide season 2 episode 2

Fast Forward Season 2 Episode 16

1. Draught Guinness ad

2. Tucker bag

3. Bob Hawke and Bush on Iraq, the new weapon

4. All against the Windy River

5. MTV Shirley Bassey Goldfinger

6. Oldfinger (Goldfinger)

7. Merge Liberals and Nationals

8. All against the Windy River

9. Oldfinger

10. ABC News

11. ACA Sports temporary presenters

12. Oldfinger

13. Eastpac ad

14. SBS viewing highlights Tweezers documentary Man who ate eels, Welcome auntie,

15. Enchante Bidet

16. Mr Bruce Rump digs a hole, comments on environmentalists

17. World Wrap Health

18. Christian television Association

19. Margaret Thatcher on Iraq

20. Draught Guinness ad

21. Skippy Roo cull

22. Sale of the Century

23. Oldfinger

24. World Wrap Gulf War

25. Sale of the Century

26. World Wrap Gulf War US thank Hawke

27. Sale of the Century

skippy sale of the century

28. Roger Ramshett and the forty thieves fire sale

29. World Wrap Skin head news, cop raid

30. Sale of the Century Skippy

31. News Wrap F.W. de Klerk

32. Sale of the Century Barry Johns, Dodgy Brothers

33. Hunch replaced with Golden years man, pedophile Iraqi tank driver

no hinch

34. News Wrap Budget

35. Sale of the Century Dodgy Brothers take over

36. ACA Super phosphate mine President of Nauru


37. Woman working in the RAAF

38. Good Morning Moscow Building Society

39. Irrational Mutual ad

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