fast forward guide season 2 episode 2

Fast Forward Season 2 Episode 17

1. Kellogg's Corn flakes ad

2. Mr Bruce Rump Iraq war toys

3. Handy Man Sam No more blood

4. Your guess is as good as mine

5. Perry Mason

perry mason

6. Guinness ad

7. Perry Mason

8. MTV Peter Blakely

9. Couples Couples Dating service

date dating service

10. Bob Hawke and Paul Keating at war

11. Arts Sunday Hurling cow pats

12. Arts Sunday Violin

13. Perry Mason

14. State Bank of Victoria death

15. SBS viewing highlights Comedy three men and a bidet, My foot in your mouth, German comedy Death my bitter consort staring Ursula

16. ACA Sex change back again

17. Qantas airline stewards Privatisation unions

18. Pixie Anne interviews John

19. Kelvin helps out at the front desk

20. Bank stretches your income

21. Coupes Fight

22. Good Morning Moscow Music back in the USSR

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