JDS gnome 2.22.2 on the Solaris™ 10u5 Operating System

I built JDS gnome 2.22.2 on Solaris 10u5, compiled from spec files. Here is a screen shot, the image is large though:

images/sol10u5-jds-g … -22-2-screenshot.png

The procedure to build it is as follows. However I should give some warnings first: It is probably best not to try this unless you are a very experienced Solaris developer, who does not mind the possibility of destroying the Solaris 10u5 installation. Also doing this takes a long time. This procedure is only a sketch, along the way there will be missing .spec files that you will need to find and tweak.

(1) The instructions for setting up a JDS Common Build Environment (CBE) are at:

http://www.opensolar … ntributing/building/

On Solaris 10 it is necessary to compile CBE from the source code. At the time of writing, subversion in the the current JDS CBE release 1.6.0 is too old. One way to obtain a working subversion is to build KDE KBE (which will be required later for building HAL anyway) as described in the KDE on Solaris techbase page:

http://techbase.kde. … ects/KDE_on_Solaris/

And then create a symbolic link:

# ln -s /opt/kdebld/bin/svn /opt/jdsbld/bin/svn

(2) Build and install XFIXmissing.spec, see my previous post.

(3) Check out the JDS gnome-2-22 branch:

svn co svn+ssh://anon@svn.opensolaris.org/svn/jds/spec-files/branches/gnome-2-22 gnome-2-22

(4) Apply my diffs:

attachs/diffs/solari … ome-2-22-sol10u5.txt

(5) Install the Open Sound System:

This might be optional. I installed OSS.


(6) Install the latest video drivers

I have an NVIDIA card. I installed the latest drivers from:


(7) If logged into JDS gnome 2.6, then log out as it is necessary to remove gnome 2.6 in order to compile gnome 2.22.2, and log into another desktop like CDE.

(8) Obtain a list of all the packages in the following categories:

JDS3 - the original JDS gnome 2.6 supplied in Solaris 10.
GNOME2 - the original JDS gnome 2.6 supplied in Solaris 10.
JDSosol - JDS 3 gnome 2.20 or 2.22 compiled from spec files, if present.


pkginfo -c JDS3,JDSosol

Then create a script file to pkgrm all of them, with the exceptions of any of the following packages, if they are installed. It does not matter if SUNWpostrun is not installed yet, it will be built from the JDE Gnome 2.22.2 spec files.


Then run the script to pkgrm the JDS gnome 2.6 desktop.

(9) Obtain the build order of the spec files

In one window configured with a JDS CBE build environment using Sun Studio 12, obtain the build order of the spec files:

pkgtool --with-sun-branding --with-l10n --without-apoc-adapter --download --without-java build-order *.spec

The output should start with something like the following spec files:

INFO: Copying %use'd or %include'd spec files to SPECS directory
INFO: Processing spec files

(10) Create the manpages tarballs. Go into the manpages subdirectory, and run make:

cd manpages
... lots of output omitted ...
cd ..

(11) In one window configured with a JDS CBE build environment using Sun Studio 12, start downloading the required files:

pkgtool --with-sun-branding --with-l10n --without-apoc-adapter --without-java download *.spec

(12) Build packages up to SUNWdbus-bindings.spec

After the download has fetched enough files for the first package, in another window configured with a JDS CBE build environment using Sun Studio 12, start building the packages in order one by one from SUNWPython.spec up to and including SUNWdbus-bindings.spec, like:

pkgtool --with-sun-branding --with-l10n --without-apoc-adapter --download --without-java build SUNWPython.spec

Where the pkgtool options are:

Build with the GNOME Nimbus theme, to look like the Solaris JDS GNOME desktop.

This is optional, you can omit this option to omit localization support.

This is required for building Firefox.

Try to download missing files.

I only used this option as javah from JDK6 build 3 and 6 crashes with a sigsegv when building SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec.

(13) Build HAL

Build Stefan Teleman’s port of HAL to Solaris 10 from the KDE 4 project as SUNWhal as described in my earlier post.

(14) Build the rest of the packages:

pkgtool --with-sun-branding --with-l10n --without-apoc-adapter --download --without-java build *.spec

(15) Check out the JDS spec-files-other for stuff like compiz

mkdir jds-spec-files-other
cd jds-spec-files-other
svn co svn+ssh://anon@svn.opensolaris.org/svn/jds/spec-files-other/trunk current

Then build them:

pkgtool --with-sun-branding --with-l10n --without-apoc-adapter --download --without-java build core/*.spec

(16) Missing spec files

Some places to look for missing spec files:

svn co svn+ssh://anon@svn.opensolaris.org/svn/jds/spec-files/branches/gnome-2-12

In the Solaris directory.

In the SFE project:

http://pkgbuild.sour … et/spec-files-extra/

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