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What is a roguelike? find out here.
What is a 7drl (7 day roguelike)? find out here.

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Crown of the Forest

Deep in the forest is a magical crown driving the usually peaceful alphabet monsters into fits of jealous rage. It is up to you to get it from them, and try to keep it. When the timer is up, if you have won the most time with the crown, the forest will be safe.

- being a weak mage the creatures will hurt you LOTS
- creatures of the forest know how to move through trees
- while in the town the clock is paused so take your time
- the creature with the crown will be stupefied by it and wander aimlessly
- creatures are so intent on the crown they will likely ignore you unless you have it
- being a mage, you are half immune to the magic of the crown, so creatures get 2 crown turns per turn holding, and you get only 1

[Numpad]:Move around
[c]:Close Door
[z]:Cast Spell
[~]:Past Messages
[Esc]:Quit game

Download here

Begun 7pm Monday 4th Feb
Posted 6pm Sunday 10th Feb its actually a 6drl, go me :D