REALLY CONFUSED French Car Day of Victoria 97

By Ben Bayley & Adam Schonekas, Melbourne Australia

Waiting in the dim early light, and chilly air of morning, I wondered if this year I would finally make the yearly pilgrimage with my fellow brothers and sisters, to the sacred area of Renault worship.

Knowing in my heart the problems and disasters that had been laid before me in previous years, I dreaded the first glimpse of cold daylight that entered my room. Many people were waiting, unbelieving that I would finally appear, however, friends had spent much time in preparing me for the dangerous journey I would undertake.

Previous years have seen accidents; nature herself and yea even the righteous wrath of the Gods had prevented me from making the yearly pilgrimage.

My master finally entered my room, and gently began to prepare me for the coming rigours of the day. Gently he pulled back the covers exposing my smooth skin, and then gently he ran his hands over my skin soothing my fears. As daybreak finally streamed in majestic waves through the windows in my chamber, my master slowly and carefully started me up and we drove away, perhaps it wouldn,t be such a bad day after all.

As we moved in unison we reached a crescendo, my black rubber becoming sticky and merging with the road. l purred and throbbed, as my master raced me up Mount Dandenong me like a being possessed. I wondered what awaited me at end of our sensuous journey, l dreamed of meeting others of my kind and running naked in the fresh air, bathing in the sunshine.

Dictated by Volkers 15 Gordini.

Ed note, l don't know what adam did to my car to communicate with my car, but we hope he'll be down to earth soon. ;-), and this is the edited clean version !, sorry Adam l had to edit it for the little kiddies who may read it.

It was an early start and there was already a gathering at the top of Mt. Dandenong by the time we arrived. It was a wonderful surprise to find a clear and sunny morning; the previous years had been misty and cold. We greeted the faithful that had assembled and smelt the BBQ breakfast that the braver folk partook of. We discussed our adventures since the last gathering and inspected each other,s additions and modifications to our automobiles.

Shortly we left and made our way to Brighton, but before we left there was a casualty to attend to. Volkers 15 had separated its exhaust at the flange plate and sounded extremely harsh. The attempts to fix the problem were hampered by the location of the flange plate, the temperature of the extractors and the sump guard not wanting to return the nuts and bolts we dropped.

Volker limped towards home and made it to within ten minutes of his house, but due to a misreading fuel gauge (fitted correctly it now works fine) the well ran dry. Ed note,A hammer was a good tool not to have at this point of the day. ;-)

Those who made it to view the sights at Brighton were treated to some interesting changes in the Renault camp. Phil,s 15 Convertible now had a modified Speedster fibreglass tonneau cover. An overseas infiltrator swelled the ranks of Renaults in Australia, Chris and Wendy brought their 1986 blue and silver GTA. Wendy (and the rest of the Register) is still waiting for her 17 TS to be finished. What everyone wants to know is,Which will be first on the road, the 17 or the GTA. Later in the day a manual, lime-green 15TS arrived in very good condition, it attracted a lot of attention due to its original and unadulterated condition.

John Hardy,s beautifully resprayed 17TS created a lot of comment, not everyone liking the striking Plum metallic color. One interesting problem solved by his spray painters was the replacing of this chrome strip on the top of the rear bumper. They replaced it with a 89 period Ford fairlaine rear bumber chrome strip. One of the bumper chrome strip styles are identical to the half rounded shape on the 15/17, all you have to do is cut and glue the new strip on. Check out you local ford fairlane population and you'll be amazed at the similarity of the two.

All in all the register had a turn out of over 20 cars as the day progressed, people came and went, and it was good to see everyone again. In the register people seemed to be all slowly restoring there cars, people were getting lots of ideas and adivce of one another. One of the interesting vibes was the up and coming 100th Anniversary of Renault and the National gathering in Canberra, and the trouble that some people were going too, to get their cars ready for the drive up there. So we hope you enjoyed the French Car Day and hope to see you at the Maroondah Dam drive which will be a casual layed back affair.

Ben Bayley & Adam Schonekas

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