The kite gets it's name from the six  (open both ends)  full length fabric tubes on the back of the main sail canopy.
 The tubes resemble  Pan's  Flute.  The main sail of the kite has  42   3 1/2"  vents  that  channel the air  into the full length tubes of  the upper canopy.  Air is also taken in by the open canopy tubes. Unlike the  'Pocket Kite',  the Fluted Sled uses  two longerons similar  to basic flexible Sled kite.
 The bridle has a spreader bar of light plastic tubing  56 inches from the kite's  keels.    Bridle length,    12 feet.
 Face and keel panels,  measure  72 inch span,   length  48 inches.  The keels are of a round shape and the bridle point  dimensions are a critical factor of the design.  The kite is made from  .75 oz.  ripstop fabric.

 Due to the important dimensions of this design,  the information provided on this wed page is  for reference and study as the design is the work of Helen Bushell and is protected by copyrights.

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