Designed  by Harry Sauls

The American Sportsman is a kite design all of it's own as the kite differs from the basic Sled.
 The kite has a central keel that provides added stability and assists to keep the kite  pointing into the wind. There is a series of triangular vents that provides a balanced airflow over the kite's sail.  A four legged bridle also provides lateral stability.
 The central keel when in flight forms a double concave sail. All bridle points are attached to dowels built into the sails,
 (see drawing below).
  This is a large kite, measuring  5 foot  6 inches when laided flat and has the ability to pull  very hard in a good wind.
  Suggested material for the sail is .75 oz. ripstop Nylon.

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             Plans for Sportsman Sled kite

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