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MIDI Latency Analyser software
Helps you to diagnose timing issues with MIDI-clocks, note-commands, and slaved instruments.

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Recording artist whose aim is to produce vibrant and engaging music that makes people feel good.

G'day everyone, Darren here.

Please excuse this basic website. I was making so little money selling my electronic designs that I could not afford to eat food, let alone afford to keep the original websites alive. So, now I do sessional lecturing work at the local university campus, and create electronic devices whenever I have need of them.

It seems that my free MIDI Latency Analyser program is more popular than I had thought. I had no idea and really believed everybody who wanted it already had it. Just in case you missed out, I have made it available on this web space that my ISP gives me.

If you find the program useful, please give me an indication of how much you appreciate it by clicking the relevant PayPal button below (I need to eat).

Darren "Mmmmqac" McDougall (the q is silent)

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