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Updating Note Toucher's firmware

Note Toucher was originally designed to be used with a 5-octave keyboard. Users playing 4-octave controllers found they were unable to switch Note Toucher out of Thru-Mode back into Normal-Mode because that requires top-B to be held at the same time as bottom-C. Here is a standard MIDI sequence file that will load modified firmware into your Note Toucher to make it switch modes using the top-B of a 4-octave controller:

Download NoteToucher_4octave.MID

Follow these steps to load the modified firmware:

  1. Leave your Note-Toucher connected as normal
  2. Import the MIDI sequence file downloaded above into your DAW (choose to use the tempo map from the imported MIDI)
  3. Shift the imported firmware data about one second after the start of the “song” to avoid any MIDI chatter that your DAW may send when starting
  4. Disable your DAW from sending MIDI clock messages
  5. Put your Note-Toucher into Sequencer Through Mode (LEDs will flash in a vertical pattern to indicate this)
  6. Play the sequence from the very beginning , i.e.,  from one second before the  firmware data

The LEDs will display the power-on splash to show you were successful, otherwise the velocity LEDs (not after-touch) will show an error code.

In the unlikely event of a power glitch while this MIDI sequence is playing, or you accidentally allow your DAW to send unrelated MIDI data while the firmware data is playing, your Note-Toucher will be left completely dead. But don’t worry, you can still play the firmware data to a dead unit and bring it to life again. In that case, just skip step-5 in the instructions listed above.