love living with their hounds .....

Meaghan & Norah (above)
Meaghan & Sephi (right)

Dr Francis McEvoy (above)
Francis with a Tirowen puppy (above right)

Francis & Circe (below)
Francis with FJ (2yrs old) (right)

Kieran with Sirius & Marigold & Francis with Timmie & FJ (above)
Kieran with Nora, Francis with Circe & Killie & Anne with Rosaleen (above right)

Meaghan & Kieran on the couch (above)
Meaghan with a lap full of puppies (above right)

Sirius with his mother Matilda at a Vic Specialty Show ('02) (above)
Anne with Sirius (above right)

Brogue (3yrs) cleaning his 5 wk old Cavalier puppy, Fizgig (above)
Brogue cuddling Fizgig (above right) - Tirowen hounds have the best temperaments!