Francis and Anne McEvoy have been successfully breeding under the prefix since 1972. Come and meet their hounds of the past and their current beautiful team. Please click on the photo of the hounds for their page and pedigree.

You can see them side by side also.

Multi BISS Ch Tirowen Concarra

RUBISS Ch Tirowen Katriona

Ch Eaglescrag Ruari Tirowen (Imp UK)

BISS Ch Tirowen Jessica

Ch Tirowen Lionheart

Ch Tirowen Killara

BISS Ch Tirowen Tiffany

RUBISS Ch Solstrand Beau Brummel (Imp UK)

BISS Ch Tirowen Cassandra

BISS Ch Tirowen Molly Malone

BISS Ch Tirowen Brinn

Multi BISS Ch Tirowen Carillon

RUBISS Ch Tirowen Padraig (AI)

Tirowen Brody

Tirowen Tudor Rose

Multi BISS Ch Tirowen Sophie (AI)

Multi RUBISS Ch Tirowen Miss Matilda (AI)

BISS Ch Tirowen Sirius (AI)

Ch Tirowen Dark Rosaleen (AI)

RUBISS Ch Tirowen Mari Gold (AI)

BISS Tirowen Fletcher

Ch Tirowen Augustus

Norah Tirowen Honoriah

BISS NZ Ch Tirowen Dark Phoenix

Tirowen Achilles

ArtemisTirowen Artemis

BIS Aust Ch & Am Ch
Tirowen Lord O The Dance

RUBISS Tirowen Ambrosius

BISS Tirowen Circe

The 2010's

Alaric Ch Tirowen Alaric

Lyssa Tirowen Callista

Rose Tirowen Promise


has successfully have a positive influence on hounds around the world.  With the possibility of shipping semen more easily now, the benefits of Francis' & Anne's knowledge & experience is now helping breeders & their hounds in several countries.

    Dk Ch Pierpoint Ei! Imagine Canigold

    Pierpoint Eagleeye Cherry

    AM Ch Dunnamadda Epiphany

    AM Ch Dunnamadda Ellington

    EnigmaDunnamadda Fitzarran Enigma