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Keith Piper - African Ministry and "Answers" Book

Keith Piper is the pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Sydney. He has been involved in spreading the gospel and church planting in Africa and other parts of the world. He also runs the Liberty Bible Institute using his "Answers" Book as one of the text books. You will find all the chapter and subject headings listed on this page, but the links go directly to his dedicated website here.

Finding Material: You can either click on the section headings listed directly to the left, or scroll down the page to see all the chapters listed and right click on the chapter that interests you. You then select "Save Target" to download the file and view it in Adobe Reader.


by Keith Piper

A Series of Follow Up Bible Studies
On Life's Key Questions


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False Doctrines Refuted:
91. Good Work does Not Save Us
92. Evolution: Creation In 6 Days
93. Jesus Christ Saved Forever
94. Loss Of Salvation?
95. Humanism
96. Baptismal Regeneration
97. Error Of Soul Sleep
98. 'Christian' Rock Music
99. Charismatic Movement

False Doctrines Refuted:
100. Why Tongues Have Ceased
101. Charismatic Movement Errors
102. 1 Corinthians 12
103. 27 Reasons Against Tongues
104. Omissions In The NIV Bible
105. Modern Bible Version Users
106. New Evangelical Errors
107. Refuting 5 Point Calvinism
108. Calvinism: Summary And Review
109. Israel Is Still God's People

False Religions:
110. Roman Catholic Church
111. Seventh Day Adventism
112. Why do Christians Meet On Sundays
113. Seventh Day Adventism Refuted
114. Mormonism: Errors Of Mormonism
115. 120 Passages Referring To Jehovah
116. Jehovah's Witnesses Will Not Tell You
117. Jehovah's Witnesses/Watchtower
118. Judaism:Jesus Christ is the Messiah
119. Islam: Jesus Greater Than Mohammed
120. Main Quotes In The Koran
121. Main Topics In The Koran
122. Why Nobody should Become A Muslim
123. Islam - A Case Of Mistaken Identity

57. Discipleship By Multiplication
58. Running a Discipleship Seminar
59. Questions To Motivate Christians
60. Qualities To Make Disciples
61. Bible College Curriculum
62. What All Christians Must Know
63. What It Means To Surrender

Christian Living:
64. The Christian's Life Portrayed
65. Be Filled With The Spirit
66. Prayer: Communicating With God
67. Grow In Grace
68. Tools To Conquer Depression
69. ABCs Of Life's Foundations
70. Great Christians Inspiring Lives
71. What Is Love?
72. How To Find The Will Of God
73. Twelve Tongue Tamers
74. 49 Character Qualities
75. God's Faithfulness
76. Eight Devices Satan Uses
77. Nine Issue For Young People
78. Barriers To Obedience
79. Stairway To Hell
80. How To Be Wise
81. How To Have Joy
82. How To Increase Our Faith
83. How To Understand Adversity
84. Homes Produce Happy Children
85. Swords For Personal Battles
86. Bible Keys For A Happy Marriage
87. Reasons To Obey God
88. Principles Of Spiritual Growth
89. Doctrines Of The New Testament
90. Tithing
91. Good Work does Not Save Us

Book Sections:
General Proofs
General Bible Studies
Soul Winning
Church Issues
Second Coming
Christian Living
False Doctrines Refuted
False Religions
146 Important Sermons

General Proofs:
1. Proof Of Christ And The Bible
2. Fulfilled Prophecy as Proof
3. Science as Proof
4. The Existence Of God
5. Reasons For the Bible
6. Heaven
7. Hell
8. Rewards
9. The Feasts Of Jehovah

General Bible Studies:
10. Historical Background
11. Bible Maps
12. Charts and Tables
13. Challenging Thoughts
14. The Parables Of Jesus
15. Life Of Christ
16. Angels

Soul Winning:
17. Lead A Person To Christ
18. Test Questions
19. Using The STOP Tract
20. Missionary Strategy
21. Why Soul Winning
22. STOP Tracts In English
22. STOP Tracts In Chinese
22. STOP Tracts In Tagalog
23. Attitudes In Soul Winning
24. What God Gives Us At Salvation
25. To Call On Christ To Be Saved
26. A Christian Should...
27. Tests Of A Person's Salvation
28. Answers To Soul Winning
29. Successful Soul Winning
30. Door Knocking

Church Issues:
31. Independent Baptist Principles
32. Faith Of Liberty Baptist Church
33. Reasons For Coming To Church
34. Baptism
35. Friendship
36. How To Start A Baptist Church
37. The Lord's Supper
38. Why The Church Exists
39. Usher's Duties
40. Pastor's Ethics
41. Lukewarm Churches Won't Teach
42. Things A Good Church Produces
43. Things A Good Church Compared
44. Don't Attend A Lukewarm Church
45. How To Have A Genuine Revival

Second Coming Of Christ:
46. 40 Signs Of Christ's Return
47. The Second Coming Of Christ
48. Seven Dispensations
49. The Rapture
50. The Judgement Seat of Christ
51. Judgements Of The Tribulation
52. The Russian and Muslim Invasion
53. Millennium or Rule Of Christ
54. Christ Will Personally Appear
55. Daniel's 70 Week Prophecy
56. Second Coming Charts

146 Important Sermons:
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These sermons are in one large file which may take a few minutes to download, so please be patient. If you have any comments or queries about the "Answers" Book, feel free to email Pastor Keith Piper or telephone him on (02) 98754321.