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Video Chatroom

For casual discussions, we are using the Paltalk portal and the required software can be downloaded below. The audio/video chatroom provided here is hosted by Sanctuary Baptist Church, but other chatrooms are hosted by other people. Hence, if you leave our church chatroom, you may find the content in other chatrooms unacceptable or offensive. You can still chat in the chatroom by text and see video streams of other people even if you don't have an audio/video computer yourself. If you want a video picture of yourself, then as with all audio/video devices, you will need the necessary video capture card, camera and microphone installed in your computer and working properly.

Using The Chatroom. Once you have installed the software and registered your name, you will see a "Start" window open up on your screen. There are three steps to follow:
1. Click on the tab called "Chatrooms".
2. At the bottom of this screen is a search box - just type
in the words "Sanctuary Baptist Church" and then click
on the search button to find the chatroom. Select the
chatroom from the list.
3. Once you open the chatroom window, if you don't like the
advertisement that automatically accompanies the chatroom
when you open it, you can "click-and-drag" the window to
the bottom of your screen until the advertisement is not visible.

To download the Paltalk software, you click on the "Download Paltalk Now!" image below:

Windows XP users need to Click RUN or OPEN on the window that immediately opens for the download to begin:

Chat Download Screen

After downloading stops, again click RUN on the window that opens to begin install:

Chat Install Screen

Chatroom Rules. Seeing as the chatrooms are unmoderated, the conduct of all participants is self-governed. Sanctuary Baptist Church is not responsible for the conduct of participants nor endorses all the opinions made by participants. It would go without saying that no argumentative or rude language is permitted. Click here for complaints against any participant (type the words "chatroom complaint" in the subject line). It is not recommended that participants disclose their real names, phone numbers and addresses. Participants of the real-time video chat must not display inappropriate images.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing with audio/video internet capabilities (yet to be activated) may need to book ahead for on-line conferences. The broadband video conferencing hub is nearly up and running to provide multiple audio/video streams of DVD-quality between computers with broadband internet connections of 1+mb/s. A schedule of daily live broadcasts from various Independent Baptist churches, lecturers and conferences will be available for your viewing in the near future - including correspondence courses from Bible colleges.

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.....allows you to search our database of books, videos, DVDs and audio tapes so that you can find what you are looking for accurately and easily. Search by author, title or topic.
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There are many
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assist you in your
ministry - here is
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The history of
Baptist Churches
in Australia is
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book and film
material that
help with outreach
and witnessing.



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Romans 1:14-16

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