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Sanctuary Christian Ministries - Mission Details and Activities (most recent trips are at top)

3RD INDIA MISSION TRIP (being planned):
Date: during 2017.
Duration: One Month.
Location: Upper Siang, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

This trip will evangelise around the villages that were visited in the second trip (see below), plus more evangelism will be done through-out the remote areas of Upper Siang District. We will distribute more free Bibles printed in the Adi-Padam language, plus more free t-shirts and free medical check-ups will be provided. It is also hoped to reach Adi speaking people up in China as well. Regular visits are being made to this area over the coming years for evangelism and Bible teaching, so on-going support is being sort - if you have any enquiries or can help, please phone Pastor Neil Aitchison on 0410725792.

Come back to see updates for this trip!

Date: April 20 - May 3, 2014.
Duration: Two Weeks.
Location: Upper Siang, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

This trip re-evangelised the villages that were visited in the first trip (see below), plus more evangelism occurred through-out the remote areas of Upper Siang District. We had 134 Bibles printed in the Adi-Padam language and handed out for free to village people, plus free t-shirts and free medical check-ups were provided.

Date: February 16-28, 2014.
Duration: Two Weeks.
Location: Rayang, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

Sanctuary Christian Ministries made a trip to Arunachal Pradesh in North-East India (see a map and pictures of the trip). We had a doctor and 1 nurse, plus 4 evangelists go on the trip. The doctor conducted free medical check-ups for the village people and the evangelists shared the Gospel as the village people came and left the medical station. Money has been sent over to print 3,000 Bibles specially for the village people in their native language (Adi Padam) and the Bibles are available to hand out for free along with t-shirts printed up with Bible messages on the front and back that were handed out for free. There has also been money sent over for the local missionary there to build a church. The church building is now complete and the church ministry is called Rayang Town Baptist Church (see article written in Hindi by Indian Church News). If you have any queries about this trip or if you are planning to travel to India and could visit the church, then feel free to phone Pastor Neil Aitchison on 0410725792. Prayers and donations for this missionfield are being sought, so please let us know if you can help.

A video of this trip will be provided online here shortly, so come back to check it out! There are seven key areas that have been evangelised and we are supporting the Christians there with Bibles, recources and discipling. The name of the mission work is Biblical Baptist Mission or BBM. Your prayers are appreciated as we reach village people who have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ before.

TOP PICTURE: Amazing views.
MIDDLE PICTURE: Free medical check-ups.
BOTTOM PICTURE: Preaching in village.

MYANMAR MISSION TRIP (being planned):
Date: July, 2017 - Sept, 2017.
Duration: 3 months.
Location: Yangon and Northern Myanmar (Burma).

A shipping container full of donations and ministry materials is being organised and sent over to Myanmar in July, 2017. Pastor Neil Aitchison will be based in Yangon to help teach at the Orphanage and travel through-out the northern regions to evangelise and conduct Bible studies to the many thousands of displaced Christians up there. There is a very militant form of Buddism being taught from Mandalay (central Myanmar) and so many people are being killed and fleeing from the area. There is potential to purchase an orphanage in this area as well. The Christians are very needy and they seek solice in their Christian faith and studying God's Word - they just need someone to teach it to them. That is the intention of this long-term mission trip. Pastor Neil will make weekly tours up through central and into northern Myanmar to meet with thousands of Christians to hold Bible studies and encourage them in their faith. They will be assured that they are not alone!....many Christians in Australia are praying for them and supporting them. This knowledge and teaching gives them so much joy it is beyond measure.

There are also plans to start a t-shirt printing business and piano shop in Yangon so the older orphans can learn valuable trades and by the time the mission trip is over, they should have commercially viable businesses up and running to give them employment (Lord willing). All the finance/materials for both the ministries and business activities are donated by Christians in Australia, so please let us know if you can help.

3RD and 4TH BURMA MISSION TRIPS (completed):
Dates: Jan 20-25 and March 1-8, 2014.
Duration: One week each trip.
Location: Northern Region, Myanmar (Burma).

There was a trip made through-out the northern region of Burma in the mountain areas to do preaching and evangelism. This area has been visited a few years ago and people got saved. Churches were then planted and orphanages started, so regular visits are made to support them by preaching, evangelising and supplying resources for them. Sanctuary Christian Ministries traveled around to these villages. We are also raising ongoing finances and support for this amazing ministry. Burma has over 90% Buddhist population and so there is a great outreach opportunity there....but there is also a great deal of persecution dished out to the Christians there.

CAN YOU HELP?....ongoing assistance is needed for these churches and the many Christians living in village areas through-out Burma. If you can help, please contact Neil on 0410725792 or send email to sanctuary@adelaide.on.net.

Date: November 17-30, 2013.
Duration: Two Weeks.
Location: Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

There is a video of this trip:

Part One: watch the video (on the right)
Part Two: vimeo.com/81872843
Part Three: vimeo.com/82360313
Part Four: vimeo.com/82428046

As a result of the first mission trip to the orphanage in Burma in August 2013 (see vimeo.com/75384417), money was raised to return to the orphanage in November 2013 to build a toilet block, refurbish the kitchen and install a septic tank (see a letter written by one of the orphans). In addition to this, a trip was made north of Yangon to a village near Mandalay and preach to a group of 35 Christians and some non-Christians (4 people got saved). There was a 14 hour bus trip each way and the local Buddhists were trying to stop the meeting by getting the village council and local police to cause as much interruptions as possible (including having very loud music playing outside the meeting room). All the construction work and preaching planned for the trip were successfully completed [see pictures of the completed bath, septic and kitchen].

Full Overview (35 mins)

Evangelism in Myanmar (10 mins)

[music on video is Christian songs in Burmese]

Date: September 18-14, 2013.
Duration: One Week.
Location: Manipur, India.

Sanctuary Christian Ministries donated money to have t-shirts printed for the "Khanglai Pwalpi Golden Jubilee Conference" held in North-East India. The Conference brought together pastors, teachers and missionaries from all around Munipur and the proceeds of the t-shirt sales was used to assist the many Christian churches through-out the region. There are over 100 evangelical churches established in the region despite a large percentage of the population following Hinduism. These churches are very active and run extensive outreach activities....as well as missions, orphanages and Christian schools. With a population of over 1 billion people, India has many opportunities to spread the Gospel and there are millions of people coming to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Here is an article written in Hindi and published in the India Church News.

Date: August 4-11, 2013.
Duration: One Week.
Location: Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

Sanctuary Christian Ministries made a trip to Burma to help at an orphanage and there is a video of what they did (see video clips on the right). The trip included fixing the electrical wiring and power boards, repairing a water bore, providing medical equipment and medicines, teaching about hygiene and first aid, teaching how to avoid electrocution and how to wire up electrical switches, conduct Bible Studies and create awareness here in Australia of how the orphanage needs assistance.....as a result of this first trip, funds have been raised to make a second trip to the orphanage to build a new toilet block and re-furbish the kitchen. There is more assistance needed to grow food and alleviate flooding that causes many water-borne diseases to infect the orphans. If you have any plans to do mission work or if you are planning to travel to Burma, then watch the video (on the right) or phone Pastor Neil Aitchison on 0410725792.

Full Overview (32 mins)

CAN YOU HELP?.... (5 mins)

Date: Monday-Saturday, January 24-29, 2011.
Duration: One Week.
Location: Lockyer Valley, Queensland.

A group of 15 people from various churches around Adelaide were involved in a trip to Queensland to help clean up houses and provide donations to victims of the horrific floods that swept through there in mid-January, 2011. There were 3 houses cleaned up and a large trailer load of donations (bottled water, clothing, children's toys, kitchen appliances, etc) were handed out to people as we travelled around the flood-stricken area.

For more information about this trip or future relief trips, feel free to phone Pastor Neil Aitchison on 0410725792.

As new needs arise, more relief trips will be planned.....so watch this space!

Sanctuary Christian Ministries