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Sanctuary Christian Ministries
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Sanctuary Christian Ministries News
(NB: all prices may alter without notice)

Up-and-coming MISSION TRIPS are listed here.

The regular weekly activities are:[Doctrinal Statement]






All Week:

10:30am - Sunday Morning Meeting
and Outreach
6:30pm - Evolution verses Science.
6:30pm - Bible Study.
10pm - Street Outreach.
6:30pm - Islam/Quran Insights.
9pm - Street Preaching/Outreach in Adelaide.
8am - Surfing and Safari Trips (all day).
7pm - Cafe Lounge open till late (incl Karaoke).
Shop open from 9am-9pm.
Movies Played in our Mini-Cinema.

"8 Reasons Why Evolution Is Foolish" at Adelaide Uni:
Lecture Date - June 6th, 2014 at 11am-1pm.

There will be a lecture held at the Napier Building (Room LG28) at the Adelaide University, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia. The lecture will be given by Associate Professor John Hartnett explaining how the scientific evidence doesn't "prove" evolution but only provides evidence of what exists in the present (not in the past). To use this evidence to support evolution is only an interpretation of the evidence and the interpretation can be wrong. There has already been one lecture held at the Adelaide Uni and there was advertising done beforehand by putting up posters and distributing invites [see pictures]. Ask for more details.
Cost is free (2-hours).

Snow Trips at Mt Hotham in 2014:
Season Starts - June 8th, 2014.

Sanctuary offers a variety of low-cost, no-frills trips to the Victorian snowfields. The time it takes to travel to the snowfields from Adelaide varies from 12-15 hours. We can scale up or down aspects of each snow trip to cater for your interests (and budget?).......such as accommodation arrangements, food provisions, extra snowboarding equipment, sightseeing time, helicopter travel, etc. Prices vary accordingly. Even if you don't want to go snowboarding, you can still come along to go skiing (you need to bring/hire your own ski gear though) or just to experience fun in the snow. Weekly trips are planned subject to weather conditions and snow levels. Bookings are essential so contact us for exact trip dates, prices and available seats. More details are here on the snow webpage.
Cost starts at $1,250 (1-week).

Skydiving Trip:
Next Trip - Saturday, January 18th, 2014.

Sanctuary Christian Ministries are holding our 2013 skydiving trip in January, on Saturday the 19th at Lower Light. This is our third skydiving expedition and we can testify it is unlike any experience you have ever had! It is also a great opportunity to share what we do as a ministry with others and be a witness for Christ in a different setting. If this is your first sky dive, you may want to consider jumping from 14,000ft ($499), which allows up to a minute of free fall time. There are options to jump from other altitudes as well, the lowest being 8,000ft ($319). The sky diving trip has been booked through Adelaide Tandem Skydiving at Lower Light, just north of Two Wells and you can expect stunning views of the countryside and the Gulf of St Vincent as you hit terminal velocity! On the day, meet us at Sanctuary Surfers (201 Waymouth Street, City - opposite Koorong) at 7am. Please send an email or contact Pastor Neil on 0410725792 to organise payment of the deposit through Sanctuary Surfers. The $150 deposit is required before January 5th, in order to secure the bookings. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We would love to see you there!
Cost is $499 (~60 secs freefall from 14,000 ft).
Cost is $319 (~15 secs freefall from 8,000 ft).

2013/2014 Surfing Trips and Surfing Lessons:
Daily Trips - these are already underway.

There are heaps of surf trips being planned for this summer. The cost per person varies for each trip depending on what trip people go on (daily, 2-3 days or 1-2 weeks). We travel all around South Australia and interstate, so check out the Sanctuary Surfers website for more details. Bookings are essential. We have already had a "Schoolies" BBQ on at Victor Harbor, SA (free food!) for the Schoolies Weekend. There is also a Robe "Walking On Water" Outreach Surf Day on Jan 11th, 2014....so keep this date free!
Cost is $35 pp for a 2 hour lesson.
Cost is $68 pp for a full day lesson.
Cost is $120+ pp for other surf trips.

Adventure Trip to Coffs Harbour, NSW:
Next Trip - mid-January, 2014.

Sanctuary Surfers have an adventure trip to Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay and surrounding beaches with many sightseeing/adventure/surfing stops on the way. The trips include whitewater rafting, horse riding, mountain climbing, camping, paragliding and skydiving depending on what you like to do - pick and choose your activity (bookings are limited for each activity and some may not be available for all people). More info and booking form is at Adventure Trip webpage.
Cost is $1,280+ pp.

Robe Surf Trip and Outdoor Movie Night:
Friday/Saturday - January 10th-11th, 2014.

A surf trip is on at Robe, South Australia, starting at 10am on Long Beach (3rd Ramp). A bus is travelling from Sanctuary Shop at 201 Waymouth Street, Adelaide departing at 5am on Friday morning to arrive at Robe by 10am. There will be an open-air movie night at Robe (on the grass next to the Robe Bowling Club) starting at 9pm and it is free to attend - there will be heaps of Christian surf movies screening. We camp over night on the beach. Then on Saturday, there will be more surfing on Long Beach and a trip to the Naracoorte Caves. The bus will be heading back to Adelaide at 6pm on Saturday night to arrive back in Adelaide at about midnight. For more information, please phone Pastor Neil on 0410725792.
Cost is $105 pp.

4x4 Safari Trips:
Next Trip - [yet to be confirmed].

We are wanting to travel along a sandy track that goes up and down the beach and sand dunes between Robe and Beachport in the SE of South Australia. It is a day trip from Adelaide with a BBQ lunch. Feel free to come in one of our 4x4s or drive your own 4x4 along with us - the more, the better! Contact Pastor Neil Aitchison here for more details or to make a booking....you can also check out the "Sanctuary Safari" webpage here.
Cost is $200 pp.

Flinders Ranges Trips:
Next Trip - [yet to be confirmed].

Winter is a beautiful time of year to visit the Flinders Ranges, and so Sanctuary Christian Ministries will be doing a quick weekend camping trip to Wilpena Pound, travelling via our 25-seater bus and additional private car if required. If the bus is already full, then you are welcome to organise your own vehicle (or car pool) to travel there. We have a powered site booked, with BBQ and outdoor kitchen facilities and all you need to do is bring a tent (or arrange a tent with others), sleeping gear, toiletries, food for yourself and a Bible. This will be a great opportunity for a bit of time out, hiking and fellowship! Following a group Sunday morning fellowship, several of us will be hiking to St Mary Peak, and there will likely be a group staying back also to do an easier walk, such as Arkaroo Rock or the surrounding Wilpena bushland. This trip is not meant to be a huge expedition, but just a fun getaway for the weekend! That said, we definitely have plans next year for a longer trip with more scope for activities such as abseiling, stargazing and scenic flights. Cost is $80 per person, to cover campsite, fuel and park permits. Would love to see you there!
Cost is $80 pp.

Astronomical Stargazing Nights:
Next Trip - [yet to be confirmed].

Sanctuary Christian Ministries will again be holding a stargazing night where we will visit the SA Astronomical Society Summer Starparty at the Stockport Observatory, 75km north of Adelaide. We will head up to Stockport Observatory arriving there around 8.45pm. You can expect to find a range of telescopes to look through, as well as the large observatory scope, a mini-cinema with DVD presentations and a BBQ sausage sizzle (extra $2.50 approx). Most of the telescopes are owned by society members and they are more than happy to show you specific parts of the night sky and talk about their equipment or anything space-related. Highlights for viewing will be planet Jupiter and its moons, which is an awesome sight through a big telescope. Also our moon, various open star clusters and the possibility of seeing planet Uranus and the galaxy of Andromeda. Should the weather be problematic, feel free to hang back with us and have a coffee and watch a movie. Cost is $10 per person, which covers all expenses. All are welcome and you can make a booking by sending an email to sanctuary@adelaide.on.net - we would love to see you there!
Cost is $10 pp.

Scuba Diving Trips:
Next Trip - Saturday, March 29th, 2014.

Ever wanted to feel like a fish?....if so, then now is the time to come scuba diving with us. We meet at the Sanctuary Shop on Saturday, March 29th, at 8am and travel to Port Noarlunga, SA, where we meet up with the AdventureBlue Scuba Diving Team. They will fit us up with all the scuba diving gear and show us how it is done. Then it is into the drink to look around the reefs just off the coast of Adelaide. Only 4 people can dive at a time so the dives are staggered through-out the day to cater for everyone. We will have a BBQ lunch included in the price. Bookings are limited, so don't delay.
Cost is $160 pp.

Creation Tour Around Australia for Documentary Filming:
During 2013 [date yet to be determined].

We are considering having a Creation Tour of all of the great landmarks for demonstrating proof of the Biblical account of the flood, e.g. Eyers Rock, Flinders Rangers, etc. A film crew would be travelling with us and the idea would be to produce a documentary on the evidence of the Biblical account of creation, the flood and a young earth. This would be a great witnessing tool as well as a real faith booster for those drowning in a culture of Darwinian evolution. This could be a great Home Schooling field trip etc. Dr Tas Walker from Creation Ministries has already agreed in principle to help with such a project if it was ever organized. Please contact Pastor Neil Aitchison by sending an email to sanctuary@adelaide.on.net if you would like to be part of this activity.
Cost is [yet to be determined].

Easter 2014 "Walk With The Cross":
Friday/Saturday - April 18th/19th, 2014.

For Easter 2014, come and join us for a "Walk With The Cross" along Jetty Road, Glenelg on Good Friday, 18th April at 12 noon (starting from Brighton Road end and ending in Mosely Square for an open-air preaching session).....also on Saturday Night, 19th April at 11pm along Rundle Street East, then Rundle Mall, then Hindley Street (starting at East Tce and finishing at West Tce). For more details, phone Pastor Neil on 0410725792.
Cost is $0 pp.

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