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Sanctuary Baptist Church
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Up-and-coming MISSION TRIPS are listed here.

The regular weekly activities are:[Doctrinal Statement]






All Week:

10:30am - Sunday Morning Meeting
and Outreach
6:30pm - Evolution verses Science.
6:30pm - Bible Study.
10pm - Street Outreach.
6:30pm - Islam/Quran Insights.
9pm - Street Preaching/Outreach in Adelaide.
8am - Surfing and Safari Trips (all day).
7pm - Cafe Lounge open till late (incl Karaoke).
Shop open from 9am-9pm.
Movies Played in our Mini-Cinema.

Outreach and Gospel Tract Distribution:
During summer, we play beach volleyball every Monday evenings starting at 6:00pm at the Glenelg Jetty and then we conduct outreach down Jetty Road afterwards - our team is called "Sanctuary BC". We conduct another outreach session at the Glenelg Jetty on Sunday afternoons at 2pm as well as weekly outreach at Adelaide's "The East End". The generous donations of Gospel tracts from Lighthouse Baptist Press in Rockhampton, QLD and Gospel Publications in New Zealand have seen over 180,000 Gospel tracts distributed around Adelaide to date by Sanctuary Baptist Church. Many more are in stock and are available free of charge (self-collect) to any church who wants to distribute Gospel tracts themselves. Pastor Neil Aitchison is a council member of the Graceway Bible Society in Australia (a branch of Graceway Bible Society in Canada) along with Pastor Andrew Craig from "Church 4 You" and Pastor Albert Richter of Faith Baptist Church providing Bibles, tracts and other Biblical material to churches and Christian groups Australia-wide. Outreach by Sanctuary Baptist Church is conducted for 30-60 minutes after most church activities.
Information On Lighthouse Baptist Press
Outreach Ideas, Gospel Tract Distribution and Resources
Picture Gallery

"Gospel Light" Radio Program on 88.7 CoastFM:
The "Gospel Light" program began in late 2002 when Pastor Liam Luz of Lighthouse Baptist Church secured a time slot on Adelaide's 99.7 WOWFM every Sunday morning from 6am to 9am. Pastor Neil Aitchison was invited to co-host the program at this time and the program went for 18 months until Pastor Luz moved to Queensland in mid-2004. The signal strength of WOWFM is quite weak and so the broadcast range limited the potential listening audience to approximately 80,000. In order to capture a larger listening audience, Pastor Aitchison left WOWFM and recently trained to host a Christian program on Adelaide's 88.7 CoastFM which has a potential listening audience of 1.5 million people. He is now waiting for a time slot on Sunday morning to become available so he can resume the "Gospel Light" program at this different community FM radio station. Broadcast quality wav files are stored on this website and may be downloaded so that other radio stations around the world can include portions of the "Gospel Light" program in their own radio broadcasts.
Pictures Of "Gospel Light" Program At Radio Station
Program Schedule and Download Area (20 wav files)
Picture Gallery

AWANA Youth Group (5-12 years old):

Since early-2004, the church has been running an AWANA Youth Group (Club #252). By mid-2004, there were 45 children attending the club, but there were problems conducting the study activities and record keeping due to a lack of trained AWANA leaders. Hence, we reduced the number of children to 20. Each meeting has 40 minutes in a group lesson, 40 minutes of personal booklet study (ie. Bible quizzes, worksheets, memorising verses, etc) and 40 minutes of games.
Picture Of AWANA Leader and Clubbers
Video Clip of Grampians Trip - In Transit/Climbimg (8mb)
Official AWANA Website

Young Adults Group (12+ years old):
This group started in mid-2005 and involves the use of Bible Study material compiled by Pastor Keith Piper of Liberty Baptist Church in Cherrybrook, NSW. He has printed a study booklet that covers the basic Bible doctrines for Christian beliefs and practice. The young adults who finish the study booklet receive a certificate and earn study credits at Liberty's Bible Institute run by Pastor Piper. Recent outings have included: twice at the drag racing, twice at the SA drift car finals, 8-ball, ten pin bowling, Adelaide Motor Show, INTENCITY, skate park, beach, Skyshow Fireworks, surfing, camping and bushwalking.
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Mylor Camp, 2004 and Snow Trip, 2005:
In mid-2004, Sanctuary Baptist Church held a 4-day church camp at Mylor in the Adelaide Hills with up to 53 people in attendance (....some people from "Church 4 You" visited for a short time and others could only stay for a couple of nights). The camp site is adjoining a National Park and so on the agenda was lots of bushwalking and getting lost. Three Bible study periods were conducted each day - in the morning, afternoon and evening. The same camp site has been booked for another church camp to be held in October, 2006. The church also used one of the church buses to travel to Mt Selwyn in the Snowy Mountains, NSW, for some skiing and snowboarding. The cost was kept at a minimum by using Pastor Neil Aitchison's snowboards (x5) and snow gear (x3). David and Helen Talbot of the Wagga Wagga Independent Baptist Church looked after all the Sanctuary Baptist Church people and allowed them to sleep each night in their church hall - a mighty "thanks" to them. Needless to say, other church snow trips are already planned for mid-2006.
Video Clip Of Snow Trip - In Transit (SA-VIC-NSW, 5mb)
Video Clip Of Snow Trip - Snowboarding (Mt Selwyn, 6mb)
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